QCS 150 Pass-Through autoclave

Priorclave is proud to announce the release of the smallest double-door autoclave called the QCS 150 Pass-Through.

The autoclave is designed to help laboratories maintain a secure sterile path for media and waste as it passes in and out of a sealed laboratory. High level door interlock settings are used for the 150l front loading autoclave, preventing doors on either end of the chamber to be simultaneously opened.

The autoclave is 500mm diameter by 740mm deep chamber and is configured to accommodate up to 20% more load capacity than other steam sterilisers of the same size. Greater versatility is provided when the scale of items to be sterilised vary significantly, meaning both small and taller items can be processed in a single pass.

All sterilising processes are controlled by an advanced Tactrol 2 microprocessor, providing simple and variable settings of process time and temperature.These features are supported by a graphic indication of cycle status, which is easy to use by setting the temperature and time required, selecting any options required and pressing start.

Operation is fully automatic once the cycle has started, while the tough, clear control panel displays a continuous process status. Priorclave has introduced a choice of two models including a 150l electrically heated pass-through autoclave and an externally steam heated design. Each model offers cooling and automatic timed freesteaming.

The QCS 150 Pass-Through autoclave can be tailored for specific requirements. Depending on the application, Priorclave can configure the layout of the Tactrol controller to suit laboratory requirements. A typical set-up can include one side of the double door steriliser with access to the full control system, while the other side is equipped with a screen to show process status.

This allows staff to be updated when a job is complete and it is safe to remove the media or waste. A microbiological filter can be fitted to protect against bio-hazardous material in the autoclave. Unfiltered condensate is returned to the autoclave for sterilisation.
The overall design and build of the QCS 150l Pass-Through autoclave takes place in its UK manufacturing centre.

Priorclave uses a bulkhead mount at the correct position to facilitate a strong structural fix into a dividing wall between the sterile lab and non-sterile areas.