ILC Dover Introduces Process Area Barrier Curtains

Process area barrier curtains are a useful tool in improving the containment levels in existing installations as a method to reduce operational exposure risk and to restrict access. Examples of these types of applications include, but are not limited to, down flow booth curtains and room access barriers.

Down flow booths, for example, work by pulling air across a drum or piece of processing equipment, which typically provides a containment level of 100µg/m³ on an 8hr time-weighted average (TWA). While this draws the powder into a set of filters, the airflow is disrupted when an operator is working at this type of station. When that occurs, eddy currents of air and entrapped powder start to swirl which disrupts containment. The barriers are a tool in improving this type of application. Similarly, restricting access to another part of a processing suite has been a demonstrated need as well. Here, a barrier can be added to a doorway, for example, to restrict the flow of personnel between the suites.

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