Alfresa Holdings Corporation manufactures pharmaceuticals and other products and operates dispensing pharmacies. It has a presence in five domains, namely,­ manufacturing business, ethical pharmaceutical wholesale, self-medication products wholesale, medical-related, and overseas business development. Through its manufacturing business, the company manufactures and markets active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents, medical devices, and other products and undertakes consigned manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Ethical pharmaceuticals wholesale business offers ethical pharmaceuticals and other products including diagnostic reagents and medical devices and materials, and provides services to hospitals, clinics, and dispensing pharmacies. Self-medication products wholesale business provides over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, health foods, supplements, and other products to drugstores and pharmacies. The medical-related business offers services to patients through the dispensing pharmacy business. The company’s overseas business development manages business mainly in Asia through its own initiatives and partnerships with overseas companies. By developing information systems for customer and supplier support, the company promotes the shared use of information systems for the company to improve the efficiency and sophistication of pharmaceutical distribution.