With more than 50 years’ experience in the active packaging industry, Multisorb Technologies has the expertise to deliver proven solutions for the management of moisture, oxygen, hydrocarbons, and other volatiles in healthcare product packaging.

As a long time supplier to the healthcare industry, Multisorb’s products are extensively used to ensure the stability of pharmaceutical, in-vitro diagnostic, medical device, dietary supplement, and drug delivery products.

Product stability solutions from design to dispensing

Multisorb’s seasoned team of packaging professionals, chemists, biochemists, and engineers provide skilled resources to understand and solve virtually any product stability issue. Using the quality by design (QbD) based Calculations through Operations® programme, they can assist you by providing a consultative approach to determining sorbent requirements by examining the entire development process from design through dispensing.

StripPax® Sorbent Packets with Pharmaceuticals. This is a Drop-In solution.
StabilOx® Oxygen Absorbing Canisters with Pharmaceuticals. This is a Drop-In solution.
StabilOx® Oxygen Absorbing Canisters with Blister Packs. This is a Drop-In solution.
Multiform® CSF with Dry Powder Inhaler. This is a Fit-In solution.
PolySorb® Sorbent Components. This is a Built-In solution.

This ensures the decisions made by formulation chemists in the developmental stages complement processes later on in the product packaging stages. The programme takes a multi-step approach, calculating exact sorbent formulations, developing the proper sorbent configuration, and, finally, delivery of the sorbent solution.

Solutions to predict physical and chemical stability of healthcare products

Multisorb formulates your optimized sorbent product using its proprietary SimulSorb™ and SimulOx™ pseudo-empirical modeling programmes, which help predict physical and chemical stability outcomes for healthcare products, devices, or device components in their packaging. In the case of moisture, the SimulSorb modeling programme can predict the equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) in the package headspace and drug product free-moisture level for the shelf-life of the product.

Similarly, the SimulOx programme provides an approach for the management of oxygen in healthcare packaging. For example, when maintaining the stability of a drug product formulation requires controlling the oxygen concentration in a pharmaceutical package’s headspace over time.

In addition to moisture and oxygen, hydrocarbons often need to be managed as well. Organic solvents that are used may volatilize releasing these hydrocarbons into the drug product package that can also lead to chemical degradation or unwanted interaction with some packaging materials. While this can sometimes relate to a product stability issue, the goal of hydrocarbon management is usually odor control.

Removing moisture and oxygen from medical packaging

In some instances there is a need to remove moisture and oxygen while managing specific volatilized hydrocarbons in the package headspace. Or there might be a need to manage moisture, maintaining a specific relative humidity, as opposed to aggressive desiccation. This is where multifunctional IntelliSorb® intelligent sorbent formulations have proven to be effective.

Once an optimized sorbent formulation is determined, it is presented in a Drop-In, Fit-In, or Built-In format that is most suitable for the product’s needs. Multisorb’s Drop-In sorbent solutions offer the management of moisture, oxygen, odors, and/or volatilized hydrocarbons in secondary packaging. A drop-in solution consists of sorbent in a packet or canister format, which would be placed inside the pouch or bottle.

Moisture protection solutions

Fit-In solutions are compressed form sorbents that are formed to fit within a specific space in a device or packaging. Fit-In solutions can deliver greater moisture protection in the same dimensional space, significantly increasing the level of functional moisture management per unit volume.

With Built-In solutions, sorbent material is incorporated right into an existing thermoplastic component allowing for sorbent protection in products that otherwise have no available space for sorbent application. This technologically advanced solution creates a moisture management solution that is invisible to the consumer.

To round out the Calculations through Operations Programme, the customized Drop-In sorbent can be inserted into your drug product packaging using its corresponding APA-series sorbent dispenser. Multisorb’s systems-based sorbent/dispenser approach provides unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and efficiency while providing the most effective solution for ensuring stability throughout the desired shelf life of your product.