Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary of providing the pharmaceutical community with high-quality roller compactors.

The company based in Jona, Switzerland, was founded in 1986 by Paul Gerteis and has since become the market-leader in roller compaction and dry granulation units.

The success of the company can be ascribed to a variety of reasons, not least of which are the values at the core of the enterprise; the reliability, sustainability and quality of its machines are the foundation of the company’s good reputation. Partnered with a dedication to service and customer satisfaction, Gerteis® is committed to maintaining the level of excellence it has cultivated so far.

Looking back at the earliest years when the company was still a one-man-business, Paul Gerteis remembers the challenges of starting off in a field that already had long-established enterprises competing for a share in the market.

His background in sales of pharmaceutical equipment provided Gerteis with an in-depth knowledge of the needs of his future customers and in what he calls a lucky coincidence he found a way to make roller compaction a viable and advantageous option for processing most substances. The development of the patented Gerteis compaction technology was only the first step in founding what is now a market-leading company. Customers had to be won and they were impressed by the numerous unique benefits offered by the Gerteis® roller compaction systems.

It is in these early days that Paul Gerteis set the standard for the excellent customer service that the company still prides itself on today. "It was my personal commitment to serving the customer to the best of my ability that opened the doors to many of the companies we still supply today," says Paul Gerteis in an interview. Word of mouth helped him establish his company which has seen a continuous growth since its founding days.

For the future of the company Paul Gerteis has one wish: "Customers have to be cared for with the same dedication we have provided so far and the passion for our product has to remain a driving force in our team."

While technological innovation and growth of the company are an essential part of the company’s plan for the next years, they are focused on optimising their existing systems and accommodating the individual needs of their customers. Having been a constant presence at pharmaceutical events and conventions, Gerteis aims to expand their Japanese market, to nfuse existing markets with new products and to be a larger presence in general.

Choosing a Gerteis® roller compactor is a long-term investment with some machines having been in use for more than two decades. This longevity is coupled with a high sustainability since the dry granulation process is a very energy-efficient and fast method to achieve a homogeneous granulate. The patented roller technology employed by all Gerteis compactors allows for a uniform consistency in the product and handles all products with the utmost care during the compaction process.

Thanks to WIP (wash-in-place) and CIP (clean-in-place) systems available as part of most compactor series, down time needed for cleaning can be kept to a minimum. The CIP system in combination with Gerteis’ bespoke containment system ensures a high level of protection for the operators against dangerous substances.

The optimised rim assembly of the rolls guarantees the consistency of the product. Adjustments for many varying parameters are available making the compactors perfect for handling myriad products found in pharmaceutical and other businesses such as food processing or the chemical industry. Since all of the Pactor® and Polygran® series are designed for continuous production, a high output rate is possible. It is not only this which makes the compactors perfect for any company in the pharmaceutical market, but also the scalability of the machines, e.g. the Macro-Pactor® is capable of a throughput range from 100g per trial up to 400kg/h, which allows for a seamless transition from R&D to production.

To ensure the best possible service Gerteis is in constant exchange with engineers, scientists and suppliers to remain up-to-date with current trends, requirements and innovations. This translates into reliable expertise in finding optimal solutions for its customers’ production issues and increasing the existing output by optimising processes. Their customised designs are tailored to the needs of each customer and in-house training courses assure that operators are capable of handling and servicing the machines. Thanks to regional partners Gerteis is able to resolve maintenance issues and problems quickly and efficiently.

Acquiring a Gerteis roller compactor not only equips the client with a reliable machine, but also guarantees service that is second to none.