Over the past several decades, the single-use (SU) systems-based manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals has been directing towards more extensive batch volumes and higher cell concentrations. This has created a demand for SU filtration technologies that can handle high solids concentrations without sacrificing high flow rates and filtrate quality. At the same time, it has become even more crucial to have SU mixing solutions that provide uniform mixing and gas transport while also inducing low shear forces.

In this webinar, it will be discussed how DrM can provide solutions to both of the aforementioned issues. The first part focuses on the CONTIBAC® SU filtration technology, introducing the concept, scale-up, and comparison with competing technologies. In the second part, in-depth data will be presented about the performance of the filter, such as flow rates and the filtrate quality. In the third and final part the FUNDAMIX® SU mixing technology will be introduced, along with some numerical simulations and process scale-up considerations.

Date & Time:
Thursday, February 4th at 10am CET
Thursday, February 4th at 4pm CET
Duration: 1 hour

Key Webinar Topics:

  • Single-Use Filter: Introduction to our innovative single-use filters CONTIBAC® SU and FUNDABAC® SU.
  • Single-Use Mixer: Introduction to FUNDAMIX® SU, our low-shear mixing solution.
  • Scale-Up: Find out how our filters scale easily with your batch volume while saving space in your production area.
  • Process Intensification: Find out how our filtration technology helps you avoid several time-consuming process steps and how our mixers help you maintain high cell viability in each mixing batch.
  • Cyclical Cake Filtration: Learn about the regenerable filter media in CONTIBAC® SU and FUNDABAC® SU and their profound influence on your processing plant.
  • Cell Harvesting: Whether CHO suspensions or E. coli lysates, CONTIBAC® SU and FUNDABAC® SU ensure peak performance in removing biomass from your process stream.


Ivan Abramović – Head of BU Single-Use Technology

Ivan Abramović is heading the Single-Use Technology Business Unit at DrM where he coordinates the collaboration between R&D, production, quality, and sales towards disruptive products in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. He completed his master’s degree in chemistry at ETH Zurich, where he specialized in electrochemistry and heterogeneous catalysis. He believes that innovation from each link in the supply chain is crucial for patient wellbeing.

Dr Tizian Bucher – R&D Engineer

Dr Tizian Bucher earned his B.S., M.S., and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering from Columbia University in New York, where he gained nearly seven years of research experience and was the lead author of seven research publications in the field of laser materials processing. At DrM, he leads the R&D efforts and develops new products based on theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies.

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