CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy, formerly Humana Specialty Pharmacy, pursues a comprehensive health approach for its patients by integrating their pharmacy and medical needs. This approach paves the way for a possible reduction in healthcare costs. Patients can refill their prescriptions, check their order status online, and request a new prescription. CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy manages therapies for both complex and chronic illnesses. The company supports conditions, which include cancer, colitis disease, HIV, hepatitis C, haemophilia, psoriasis, Crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis, immune deficiencies, and multiple sclerosis. It also provides clinical and educational services customized to the individual requirements of patients and according to their treatment goals.

Other benefits of enrolling in CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy include round-the-clock monitoring of proper medication dosing by checking lab results and contraindications and 24-hour availability of pharmacists to answer urgent or clinical questions of patients. For patients who cannot afford specialty medicines, CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy connects them to drug manufacturers and foundations, which offer financial support for eligible patients.

Humana Inc, the parent company of CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy, advises patients to use their judgment while selecting a pharmacy, as other pharmacies are also part of Humana’s network.