Established in 2010, 7PSolutions offers a single solution for climate control, security and quality management in the pharmaceutical industry.

With uses through every phase of the supply chain, the business leverages the broad knowledge of its leadership team, which comprises pharmaceutical logistics and cold chain quality assurance (QA) industry experts with an understanding of the critical significance of delivering climate control and security management for cargo while maintaining strict regulatory compliance.

Climate control and security and quality management

7PSolutions’ method is ‘one-size-does-not-fit-all’. The company provides drug manufacturers, clinical trial sponsors, transportation service providers, and anybody involved in the life sciences cold chain services offerings that best suit their most immediate needs, keeping in mind these requirements may alter over time.

The company’s services have been established and verified regularly and have been organised in such a way that they can be custom-made to meet each individual prerequisite over the whole organisation or on a departmental foundation.

GPS – GSM technologies

7PSolutions’ service assistances offer customers with complete visibility of their time and temperature-sensitive supply chain, storage facilities and vehicles under one inclusive platform.

All information is available through the business’s real-time monitoring systems and history is preserved for five years before being archived. Using global positioning systems (GPS) and global systems for mobile communication (GSM) technologies, clients can manage everything under one platform, including:

  • Warehouses and in-transit storage facilities
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Clinical trial sights and CROs
  • Transport vehicles
  • The entire cold chain
  • Any environment that requires monitoring, logging and alarming of temperature, humidity, light exposure and air pressure, as well as for shipments vibration/shock and package orientation

Good distribution practices

7PSolutions brings advanced, robust technology to the industry, allowing its customers to become compliant with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other worldwide regulations, including good distribution practices (GDP).

The firm’s quality management system can be applied within the procedures of customers’ service suppliers from couriers to full-truckload haulers, guaranteeing one reliable quality management system across a whole climate-controlled supply chain, locally, regionally or internationally.

7PSolutions also offers firm security protocols that protect brands while goods are transported around the globe. Deliveries going outside customers’ protocols send direct real-time signals and alarms to all involved parties.

7PSolutions guarantees product reliability, irrespective of where in the cold chain your goods are, and protects brands, ensuring product security.