Delays in clinical trials is one of the several challenges that the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry faced following the Covid-19 pandemic.

GlobalData conducted a survey to identify the primary clinical trial concerns across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC) and Rest of World (RoW).

Covid-19-related clinical trial disruptions emerge as primary concern across all regionsPrimary Clinical Trial Concerns Related to the COVID-19 Outbreak by Geography 

An assessment of the survey results found that the inability to start or delays in clinical trials were the main concerns for the companies across all four regions.​

Such concerns were the highest in APAC (33%) and RoW (33%) regions, followed by North America (29%) and Europe (29%).

The concerns regarding the impact on clinical trial participants were also highest in the APAC region (31%). The figure stands at 29% in RoW, 25% in North America and 24% in Europe.

In North America, 29% of the respondents were most worried about the safety of the patients recruited for the trials amid Covid-19 outbreak. Similar views were shared by 22% in Europe, 17% in APAC and 13% in RoW.

Negative impact of agency submissions was a higher concern in Europe (13%) and the RoW (13%), than in APAC (10%) and North America (9%).

The percentage of respondents that considered loss of investment as the primary concern was the highest in Europe (10%), followed by North America (7%), APAC (4%) and RoW (4%).

Around 8% of the respondents in RoW region highlighted other concerns. The figure drops to 4% in APAC and 1% each in North America and Europe.

The analysis is based on responses received for the ‘Coronavirus Survey – COVID-19 and Decentralised Clinical Trials’ conducted by GlobalData between 04 June and 22 June 2020.