Case Study: What You Didn't Know About Breakage of Anisotropic Rod-Shaped particles - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Case Study: What You Didn’t Know About Breakage of Anisotropic Rod-Shaped particles

Gamlen presents a study conducted by V. Penkavova1, L. Kulaviak1, M.C. Ruzicka1, M. Puncochar, and P. Zamostny on the 'Beaking of Anisotropic Rod-Saped Particles'.

This free whitepaper showcases the study, experiment details, and conclusion. Many products and intermediates in industry are manufactured in the form of anisometric particles, depending on the molecular composition and finalisation process. Some technological steps such as filtration, filter washing, drying, and transportation can lead to uncontrolled changes in particle size distribution (PSD) due to particle attrition and breakage.

In this study, behaviour of dry granular layers of monodisperse cylindrical particles (8x1mm) under uniaxial compression were studied. The layer compressibility and PSD were evaluated. In addition, the effect of piston speed, layer size (diameter and height), and applied pressure were noted and non-recurring and recurring modes of compression were tested. In the former mode, after compression, the particles were taken out of the measuring cell for granulometry.

Download to find out the results of this study.

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