3M Purification Zeta Plus™ Single-Use Depth Filtration Product Brochure - Pharmaceutical Technology
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3M Purification Zeta Plus™ Single-Use Depth Filtration Product Brochure

The Zeta Plus™ encapsulated system is a single-use depth filtration system designed for the bioprocessing industry where upstream cell culture clarification and impurity removal or downstream impurity reduction is required. The Zeta Plus encapsulated system consists of a small system (model 16EZA) that is ideal for lab-scale production or scale-up studies and a large system that is designed for production-scale biomanufacturing. Each system is comprised of a filter holder, top and bottom manifolds and the required number of capsules.

The Zeta Plus encapsulated systems for production-scale biomanufacturing feature an ergonomically designed large holder (model 16EZB) that can be pivoted between horizontal and vertical positions, allowing for convenient loading and unloading, minimal footprint during filtration, minimal fluid spills during unloading and full utilisation of the filter media.

The capsule design features a translucent plastic shell (standard capsules) for easy liquid level detection. A self-guiding locking mechanism enables fast and robust capsule-to-capsule connection and the industry-leading 3M Purification Zeta Plus depth filter media provides superior filtration performance. If sanitation using NaOH solution is required, capsules with alkaline-resistant shells are available.

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