The COVID-19 pandemic has made healthcare one of the top priorities for the US residents.

Verdict has conducted a poll to assess the best healthcare plan outcome of the US presidential election.

Best healthcare plan outcome US election

Analysis of the poll results shows that Medicare for all and public option for healthcare were considered the best healthcare plan outcome of the US presidential election as voted by 25% and 20% of the respondents, respectively.

Repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and strengthening of the ACA without adding a public option were considered as the best healthcare plan outcome, respectively by 18% and 15% of the respondents.

Further, 22% of the respondents opined that the healthcare plan should stay the same as it is now.

The analysis is based on 322 responses received from the readers of Verdict network sites Hospital Management, Medical Device Network, and Pharmaceutical Technology between 28 September and 09 November 2020 and by industry experts through a survey between 07 October and 26 October 2020.

US election impact on healthcare plans

Healthcare expenses account for roughly 20% of the US GDP, prompting both Donald Trump and Joe Biden to include healthcare as one of the main agendas. While Donald Trump supported the repeal of the ACA, Biden proposed retention of the ACA along with the inclusion of a public option.

Considering the divergent policies, the outcome of the election has important consequences for healthcare in the US. The importance of affordable healthcare especially was highlighted during the pandemic, as more than 30 million people lacked health coverage when the crisis started.

As the pandemic surges, the resulting economic downturn puts more people at risk of losing healthcare coverage. The policies proposed by Joe Biden aim to provide more people access to affordable healthcare. The ACA has helped in reducing disparities and providing access to healthcare to minority communities. Repealing the same would have reversed these gains, according to Commonwealth Fund.