Martindale Pharma has launched the first oral liquid suspension formula of riluzole, Teglutik, which is the only licensed drug for patients suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a common form of motor neurones disease (MND).

Teglulik is an oral liquid form of riluzole, which comes with a syrupy consistency. The new formula has been treated as a bioequivalent to riluzole tablets and is claimed to extend life or the time to mechanical ventilation for patients with ALS.

The drug’s introduction in the UK holds significance with ALS patients, with 80% unable to swallow due to discomfort, which is a complication of the disease.

"Teglutik may allow more patients to remain on this important treatment for longer."

The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended riluzole and has been tested and proven to extend survival of ALS patients.

During clinical trials, the life extension with use of the new formula was shown to be up to 2.8 months. However, the survival extension has been extended up to 21 months considering real world data.

Martindale Pharma chief marketing officer Michael Clark said: "Martindale Pharma is committed to improving the lives of patients with this devastating condition. We are delighted to have achieved the approval of Teglutik, an innovation that may allow more patients to remain on this important treatment for longer."

ALS represents around 85% of all MND cases, which results in deaths of 70% within three years of the disease’s occurrence. In MND, the motor neurons, which control the muscles die so important signals are not transmitted.

This results in the brain losing the ability of trigger and control muscle movement, resulting in muscle wastage, major disability, spasticity and may also lead to death.