The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a notice of allowance for Enveric Biosciences’ patent application for the EVM301 series of drug candidates to treat mental health disorders.

The patent, which is expected to be issued shortly, will contain composition of matter claims for a family of tryptamine-based drug candidates.

This family of new small molecules has been designed to promote neuroplasticity without inducing hallucinations.

The company is progressing its EVM301 series of compounds through lead generation and candidate characterisation efforts towards developing compounds that engage the serotonin 5HT2a receptor along with other neurotransmitter receptors to boost neuroplasticity.

It believes that the paradigm of its EVM301 series drug candidates would significantly enhance their commercial potential.

Enveric CEO and director Joseph Tucker stated: “Our EVM301 series of molecules is designed based on tryptamines, long established as potent binders of the targeted 5HT2a receptor.

“The potential to capture composition-of-matter patent claims in the tryptamine field is challenging for most entrants as the creation of novel tryptamines has been an area of concentrated scientific focus for decades.

“Those tryptamines currently undergoing the most widespread clinical studies, such as psilocybin, DMT and 5MeO-DMT, are also challenging to protect because they are derived from natural sources.

“Enveric is working to build a robust intellectual property portfolio for the EVM301 series with precisely these characteristics.”

The company has filed ten further distinct patent families to protect its EVM301 series.

In May 2023 it received two notices of allowance for its psilocin-prodrug EVM201 series.