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Autoject®2 platform

The Autoject®2 platform is a versatile auto-injector that is used across many therapy areas, including multiple sclerosis, infertility, and growth hormone deficiency.

This dependable device helps users self-inject with durable and reliable performance.

Key features of the Autoject®2 platform include:

  • It is a true auto-injector, as the needle is inserted and dose delivered at the touch of a button
  • It has a concealed needle to reduce injection anxiety
  • Its safety interlock mechanism prevents accidental activation until the device is pressed against the skin
  • It provides visual feedback at end-of-dose
  • It is intuitive, with press-button activation
  • It is safe and easy-to-use, with needle shield removal for both rigid and soft needle shields


  • It is refillable
  • Auto-injection is button-activated and it is a true-injector
  • The Needle is hidden prior to injection
  • It has a safety lock to prevent accidental activation
  • It has a visual end-of-dose indication and a shield removal feature
  • It is fixed dose and has a glass prefilled or plastic syringe
  • The syringe can either bt 1.0ml or 2.25ml
  • There are options for fixed or removal needles
  • It provides a subcutaneous injection at an adjustable needle depth

Steps for use:

  1. Prime the device and load the syringe
  2. Place against the skin and press the activation button
  3. A Marker indicates when the dose is delivered

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