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CleanCube Modular Buildings

CleanCube Brochure

CleanCube modular buildings are an ideal solution for UK and mainland European applications.

Offsite construction with onsite assembly drastically minimises the construction works required onsite, allows utilisation of exterior spaces and the modular nature presents no restrictions on sizes and layout configurations. Modular buildings allow for unrestricted cleanroom design and extensive mechanical and electrical fit-outs.

Standard Modules: A strong flexible modular system with standard module lengths of 7.3m (24ft), 9.75 (32)ft and 12.2m (40ft) in a fixed width of 3.05m (10ft) wide. Units can be stacked end on end and side by side to create a clear open plan or multi-storey areas. All steel construction, flat-sided exterior finish, easy to dismantle, move and re-use. Join multiple modules together to create optimal facility footprint, base units available from stock.

Bespoke Modules: Far greater flexibility is provided with bespoke modules, these are available in variable lengths of up to 12m, widths up to 4.3m and heights of 4.1m. Constructed from the same materials but allowing for more precise facility sizes and room layouts. Slightly longer lead times are applicable to these products.

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