There is scientific evidence showing that preservatives can harm human physiology and cause various allergic reactions such as allergic rhinitis and atopic or contact dermatitis. They are known to have negative effects on the microbiome and can damage human epithelial cells. Our mission is to support the global healthcare industry to avoid preservatives by developing and distributing dosage systems for preservative-free applications as well as finished products. Our main cooperation partners are pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetics companies, who can offer their customers safe and effective solutions with our products and trust in our quality – made in Germany.

Our technologically sophisticated dosage systems offer maximum protection against microbial contamination for a long period of time. They provide dispensing without any preservatives and thus guarantee a safe and very well tolerated use of the product.

We provide you with the perfect fit when it comes to pumps and bottles that are a validated and proven system. This minimizes the risk of product failures due to the usage of unvalidated compounds. In addition, we use experienced and verified filling partners, decreasing the risk even more.

Our patented 3K® and COMFORT® systems offer maximum protection against microbiological contamination, even after opening the product for the first time. They provide dispensing without any preservatives and thus guarantee safe and very well-tolerated use of the product. Both systems are characterized by the unique URSATEC protection principle: Microbiologically tight-closing valves in combination with oligodynamically acting components. Thanks to the multiple-safety technology, our systems offer maximum protection against microbial contamination, even for long-term use:

Bacteriostatic surfaces reduce the germ load at the opening of the nozzle and the entry of germs into the product channel.

  • Microbiologically tight-closing valves secure the system against contamination.
  • An air-purifying filter or an airless inner bag is used additionally, depending on the dosage system.
  • A controlled air intake is guaranteed.
  • Secure sealing between pump and bottle thanks to the harmonized design as an additional feature.
  • Locked connections within the pump.