Managing the launch of products on the market is a key time in product portfolio management. Launching the right products for a certain market at the right time can make a difference in company’s results.

Lean IT’s experience is that these highly important aspects of product life are often underestimated and organised in a superficial way, given their importance.

Typical problems include:

  • Lack of communication between the various company departments involved
  • Failure or insufficient coordination of activities
  • Absence of clear business objectives
  • Superficiality in assessing the profitability of the launch

The Lean Launch Planning software

Lean IT has developed a Cloud-based software that can also be installed on customer-owned servers, enabling to organise all the launch planning activities. Lean Launch Planning fits well with the existing company’s workflow and to the sharing of managerial and operational responsibilities. Also, the data managed by the system can be structured according to customer’s needs.

The main features of Lean Launch Planning are:

  • Complete project management and launch operations
  • Information sharing
  • Management of approvals according to the processes already in place in the company
  • Information and project plan management
  • Advanced data protection

Lean IT’s Launch Planning system also features a dashboard that allows top management and stakeholders metrics to inspect key metrics at any time.

The system is ready for integration with external systems such as:

  • Oracle Agile PLM
  • Microsoft Project Server
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • SAP
  • Various business intelligence and data analysis systems