Our spray drying units are ideal for the formulation of particles, beads or capsules with your active pharmaceutical ingredients or substances.

The final products are ready for drug delivery and are suited to serve as vaccines or inhalable drugs. Regardless if you want to simply dry your sample or protect your target materials with controlled or target release, we can offer a solution to satisfy your needs.

Mini-Spray Dryer B-290

We’ve relied on 30 years of experience to provide a reliable and highly efficient spray drying solution with our Mini Spray Dryer. The beloved instrument has been cited in more than 400 patents and more than 1,000 scientific publications.

Select benefits of mini spray dryer:

• Highly reproducible powder production at lab scale
• The adjustable particle size of 2 to 25 microns
• Use of minimal amounts of sample (>5g) saves valuable material
• High yields of up to 70%
• A fast-drying process with a speed of up to 1L7h
• Easy and inexpensive maintenance
• Glass assembly enables full visibility of the process
• Possibility to scale up to pilot or industrial scale


A high-quality instrument for sterile encapsulation of cells, biological and active ingredients on a lab scale.

Select benefits of encapsulator:

• Aseptic addition and removal of fluids and products to and from reaction vessels
• Opportunity to integrate in a GMP-compliant production process
• Particle size distribution that is exceptionally tight
• High efficiency and yields
• Intuitive operation and maintenance
• Visualisation of droplet formation that makes process optimisation easier