Health tech company XCures has released early preliminary data from its crowd-sourced registry study, Behavior, Environment, And Treatments for COVID-19 (BEAT19).

This study surveys everyday people about their experiences with Covid-19, meaning it can provide data about people recovering from Covid-19 from their homes to add to the extensive amount of information collected when infected patients interact with healthcare systems.

This information can support clinical researchers in better understanding the natural history of the disease and disease progression, as well as look for patterns and hypotheses about treatment options.

XCure CEO Mika Newton said: “In this unprecedented time, we need to move with urgency to focus resources where they will help people immediately.

“We knew researchers needed more and early data about Covid-19. Our team recognised the possibility to apply our experience in accelerating clinical research to the battle at hand, and that doing this quickly could save many lives. The sooner we can answer the many open and important questions about COVID-19, the sooner we can get to our new normal.”

Since its launch on 29 March, BEAT19 has collected 6,000 daily surveys from across the US, as well as other countries.