Industry organisation IFPMA organised a briefing on 19 March with high-level executives from five global pharma giants: Eli Lilly, Johnson and Johnson, Roche , Sanofi and Takeda .

In the meeting, IFPMA president and Eli Lilly CEO and chairman David Ricks stated how committed the pharma industry is to “play our part” and put the full force of its expertise behind resolving the Covid-19 pandemic.

Adding, “I have never seen the kind of collaboration across industry partners, biotech, academia that I am seeing now.

“We are sending a clear signal of how seriously industry is taking the pandemic and the need to act as one team.”

A good example of collaboration in the ongoing pandemic is CEPI. This organisation is also known for its commitment to quitable, affordable access to any drugs or vaccines created against the virus, as explained by Takeda global vaccines business unit president Rajeev Venkayya. Guaranteeing access for everyone who needs anti-viral drugs or vaccines against Covid-19 is something that the pharma industry representatives committed themselves to in the IFPMA briefing.

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