WestVac BioPharma has reported that its Covid-19 vaccine induced great titer neutralising antibodies against the Omicron mutant strain on vaccinating animals such as mice or monkeys. Leveraging fifth-generation vaccine technology, the vaccine acts on the S-RBD protein of the SARS-CoV-2 mutant strain. WestVac noted that the neutralising antibodies against the Omicron can attain a level of ten thousands. The vaccine has demonstrated activity against Brazilian, South African, Delta strains of the virus. The clinical trials of the vaccine are anticipated to commence earlier next year.

CanSino Biologics has reported positive safety and efficacy data from the Phase III clinical trial of its recombinant Covid-19 vaccine, Convidecia (Ad5-nCoV) in healthy adult subjects aged 18 years and above. A single dose of the vaccine had an efficacy of 96% in preventing severe Covid-19 as well as 63.7% overall efficacy 14 days following inoculation. Furthermore, no serious side effects linked to the Convidecia vaccine were reported in the trial. The single-dose shot is currently approved for use in China, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Kirghizstan, Hungary, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia.