UK-based rare disease-focused Healx has leveraged its AI platform Healnet to identify combinations of approved therapies that could be effective against Covid-19.

Using two or more drugs to target different aspects of disease pathology has been very effective against over viruses, particularly HIV.

Despite their success, in general, combination approaches have proven harder to discover than single drug candidates. However, this approach is a speciality of Healx’s Healnet platform due to its ability to integrate and analysis vast amounts of data from multiple sources.

Healx co-founder and chairman Dr David Brown, who will be leading the Covid-19 project, said: “The company’s AI technology is perfectly positioned to support the efforts to find treatments for Covid-19.

“Healx’s data-driven AI platform is able to predict, within weeks, which known drugs can be repurposed to treat other conditions such as COVID-19.

“This approach significantly shortens discovery-to-clinic timelines [and] ensures that any potential treatments we identify can be used by clinicians to help patients very quickly.”