Tablet and Capsule Counting Machines

Cremer's counters are high-speed tablet and capsule counting machines, with the focus on pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical industries, as well as medicines, vitamins, food supplements, and health products.

In 1982, Cremer introduced the first linear tablet and capsule counting machine. Ever since, the CF model has been renowned worldwide for its accuracy, high-capacity, simple cleaning and operation, high-reliability, and durability.

To offer both standard and fully customised high-end counting and packaging solutions, Cremer developed new range of the fast and efficient bottle filling systems for tablets and capsules, the CFS-622 and the CFI-622.

Counting and filling system CFS-622x3 / CFS-622x4

The new CFS-622 is the long-anticipated answer to the ever demanding need of the pharmaceutical industry for increased productivity, efficiency, and smaller floor space. Filling up to 150 bottles per minute at 100 count, the CFS-622 easily increases the output of any conventional bottle filling line.

The CFS-622 can accommodate up to four counting modules, depending on the required output. Because of its small footprint it can be seamlessly integrated into any new or existing bottle packaging line. With only a few change parts, the CFS is able to count almost any kind of tablet or capsule and fill almost any kind of plastic or glass bottle, whether round, oval, or rectangular. Its good manufacturing practice (GMP) compliant design allows quick and easy cleaning, while the fully transparent enclosure allows good accessibility and guarantees complete operating safety.

The servo driven feed screw and dipping filing nozzles provides fast and accurate transportation and filing of almost any kind of bottle.

CFI-622 with In Motion Filling System

The innovative CFI-622 with an in motion filling system (IMFS) ensures controlled and stable bottle handling with short, single track infeed and outfeed belts without the need for bottle buffering. The machine has a very small footprint which adapts easily into any production environment. Servo driven product dosing and vibratory plates provide fast and consistent product flow with only few settings.

The CFI-622 counting and filling systems consists of a single main frame with a variable number of counting modules. There are four different frame designs, which support up to four, six, or eight modules, with outputs up to 320 discharges at 100 count.

Linear tablet and capsule counting machine, CF-1220

The Cremer CF-1220 counter has a 12-channel detection unit and single-track conveyor for container / bottle transport within and outfeed to the rear of the conveyor, making the machine independent of other equipment. The counter can be operated with the standard hand-held terminal or with an optional touch screen terminal. The counter capacity is typically up to 55 discharges per minute on a count of up to 100 products.

Linear tablet and capsule counting machine, CF 1220*2

The Cremer CF1220*2 dual counter has two single CF-1220 models in one frame over a two-track conveyor. At the infeed section containers are divided from a single stream onto the two tracks, and at the outfeed section directed into a single stream again.

The CF1220*2 has a 21CFR11 compliant touchscreen terminal for complete system control and operation. The total counter capacity is typically up to 100 discharges per minute on a count of up to 100 products.

The CF/CFS series can be executed with many features and passed many IQ-OQ protocols.

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