The CREMER CFS-622 is the world first small counter with the highest speed! This has brought a new market technology to the world.

It’s the answer to the ever-demanding need of the pharmaceutical industry for increased productivity, efficiency and smaller floor space. Filling up to 200 bottles per minute, the CFS-622 easily exceeds the output of any conventional bottle filling line.

The CFS-622*4 counting and filling system

The CFS-622*4 can accommodate up to four individual counting modules, depending on the required output. Because of its small footprint, it can be seamlessly integrated into any new or existing bottle packaging line. With only a few change parts the CFS is able to count almost any kind of tablet or capsule and fill almost any kind of plastic or glass bottle; round, oval and rectangular. Its GMP-compliant design allows good accessibility and guarantees complete operating safety.

Speed and accuracy

Designed to house up to four high-speed counting modules with guaranteed 100% counting accuracy. A servo-driven feed screw and descending filling nozzles provide fast bottle transportation.


The reliable bottle reject mechanism guarantees that only correctly filled bottles are passed onto the outfeed conveyor.

Optional features

  • Central dust extraction
  • Air blow ionizer for static electricity elimination
  • Product eject system
  • Bottle ‘upside-down’ verification
  • Vision system or camera connection

Technical data

Output (on average 100 count)                150 bottles/min

Output (on average 60 <60 count)           200 bottles/min

Bottles shape                                               Round, oval, square, rectangular

Bottles material                                           Glass, plastic (HDPE, PETE)

Bottles height                                               35 – 200 mm (1.37 – 7.9”)

Bottles diameter / width                            20 – 125 (0.8 – 4.9”)

Solids type                                                     Tablets (coated and uncoated), capsules, gel caps, etc

Solids length                                                 3 – 30 mm (0.12 – 1.18”)

Solids diameter / width                              3 – 20 mm (0.12 – 0.79”)

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