Tablet and Capsule Counting Machines

Product counting and packaging systems

Cremer Speciaalmachines B.V. (Cremer) develops and manufactures product counting and packaging systems for the pharmaceutical, food, non-food, and agricultural industries.

Founded in 1949, this Dutch company has a vast network of distributors and agents worldwide, with sales and service offices located in Holland. Cremer also has more than 140 qualified, and specialised employees that are dedicated to providing high-quality service in the counting and packaging industry.

Since 2017 Cremer became a member of the Uhlmann group.

Tablet and capsule counter for accurate and repeatable feeding

The innovative and patented CF-622 tablet and capsule counting module is the result of extensive engineering and development.

Driven and controlled by a servomechanism, product dosing and vibratory plates work together to provide a quick and reliable product flow. This easy-to-use system achieves unprecedented dossing speeds by utilising six separator flaps and two discharge flaps. In this way, products can be discharged up to 45 per minute on a 100 count.

Counting and filling of pharmaceutical bottles

Designed for outputs of up to 50bpm per module, the CFS-622x4 helps to increase productivity and efficiency to pharmaceutical manufacturing plants with a small floor space. Each module includes 6 discharge channels, which allow the machine to run around 200 bottles per minute.

In addition, the CFS-622x4 has a small footprint and can be integrated easily with existing bottle packing systems. The machine's servomechanism-driven feed screw and dipping filling nozzles provide quick and precise transportation and filling of a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes. Increasing cleaning time, the machine's good manufacturing practice compliant design helps guarantee safety, alongside its transparent enclosure for full accessibility.

Tablet counter with in motion filling system (IMFS)

The CFI-622 includes an in motion filling system (IMFS) and single-track bottle handling. These allow it to process 8 counting modules for a bottle flow of >400 bottles per minute.

This counting and filling system comprises a main frame and counting modules, which include 4 different frame designs each supporting up to 4, 6, and 8 modules. Each module has an output of up to 400 discharges per minute and each system can operate with fewer modules than other models.

For up-scaling production, the CF-622 module will help improve output while keeping costs down. The original recipe can be replicated with 100% accuracy and no calibration is required, as the module is servomechanism-driven and partnered with vibration and discharge / separation flaps. Changeover to another bottle format takes less than twenty minutes.

Accurate filling of tablets and hard and soft capsules

Handling a wide variety of tablets and hard and soft capsules, the dependable 12-channel CF-1220 machine is suitable for the filling of up to 55 bottles per minute, based on 100 count. Working accurately no matter the shape or size of the capsule, this high-quality counter is flexible and long-lasting.

All product contact parts can be taken apart without the use of tools and cleaning is efficient and simple. The CF-1220 can be operated with the standard hand-held terminal or with an optional touch screen terminal (21 CFR 11).

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