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Celgene partners with AI drug discovery startup to make drug trials shorter

Biotechnology company Celgene has partnered with Exscientia to shorten the time it takes to get new treatments to market using AI drug discovery.

How to prevent contamination in a biopharmaceutical manufacturing operation

Unlike traditional pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals are a result of the genetic manipulation of living cells. Developing these extremely complex structures comes with both new and old challenges, but the outcome is often a superior product that delivers better results with fewer side effects that its predecessors.

Should pharmaceutical manufacturers invest in single-use containment?

In an industry where safety is of the utmost importance ILC Dover’s single-use systems offer some of the most advanced containment solutions in the industry.

Effective containment systems for high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HP APIs)

As the use of high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HP APIs) becomes more common in drug manufacturing, effective engineering controls or ‘containment systems’ are more important than ever to assure operator safety.

How CMOs can benefit from single-use solutions

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly turning to contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) to make their products, which frees up more time and resources to focus on the research, development and marketing of new portfolio additions.

How safe is your process? The usual causes of pharmaceutical contamination

Safeguarding against contamination is a vital part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

ILC Dover flexible isolators: A cost-effective way to maximise containment

How flexible isolator containment systems can protect pharmaceutical plants from contamination.