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Chambers and Testing Rooms for Maintaining Temperature and Humidity

Aralab designs, develops, manufactures, and services high-quality climatic chambers and controlled environment rooms for the healthcare industry.

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Aralab delivers state-of-the-art solutions for stability testing and controlled environment storage in the healthcare industry, specialising in the development of high-precision environmental chambers. Our flagship Stability Chambers are expertly designed to meet ICH stability testing guidelines, making them an indispensable asset for pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetics applications.

These stability chambers provide precise control over temperature, humidity, air flow, and light conditions (for photostability testing), ensuring your products meet regulatory standards while maintaining their quality and efficacy. Trust in Aralab to create ‘Your Own Climate’ and drive your healthcare business to new heights.

Stability chambers to meet ICH stability testing guidelines

Aralab supplies environmental chambers and rooms for stability testing and controlled environment storage, which ensure precise and long-lasting control of temperature, humidity, and air flow. Our stability chambers are designed to meet ICH Q1A Guidelines and come with IQOQPQ documentation and FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant data logging software.

Aralab’s FitoClima 600 PLH-R Pharma is a photostability testing chamber with temperature, humidity and light exposure controls, designed for testing under ICH Q1B and Q1A guidelines. The chamber can carry out ICH Q1B guideline testing in less than 50 hours, as well as track accumulated ultraviolet and visible light emissions.

Aralab provides stability chambers designed for testing drug products in various conditions.
Our walk-in chambers can be adapted to clients’ needs with their flexible interior configurations.
Aralab’s portfolio includes walk-in, reach-in and benchtop testing chambers for new pharmaceutical formulations.
Aralab’s flagship Stability Chambers are designed to meet ICH stability guidelines for pharmaceutical testing.
Our FitoClima 600 PLH-R Pharma stability chamber includes temperature, humidity, and light exposure controls.
The FitoClima climatic chamber is available in 600l and 1,200l formats.
All our walk-in chambers are compliant with ICH Q1A regulations for the pharmaceutical industry.
Our solutions ensure products meet regulatory standards without compromising their quality or efficacy.
Aralab partners with companies and researchers from five continents in the areas of biologics, stability and testing.

Controlled environment storage for the healthcare industry

Aralab offers a number of storage solutions that provide controlled temperatures for pharmaceutical products. These include both walk-in and reach-in stability chambers with controllable temperature and humidity settings, which are available in 600l and 1,200l sizes. To enable stability testing and controlled storage, our walk-in chambers are compliant with ICH Q1A pharmaceutical regulations.

In addition to these solutions, Aralab provides the FitoClima climatic chamber, which can be adapted to any research scenario due to its flexible environmental control range and interior configurations. The incubator is available in 600l and 1,200l formats and allows the user to control its temperature, humidity, light intensity, and air flow.

Storage solutions for testing pharmaceutical products

As well as solutions for storing drug products, Aralab provides testing chambers for new pharmaceutical formulations, including walk-in, reach-in and benchtop formats. Our TESTA TT/CT reach-in chambers enable thermal, climatic, aging and stress testing, alongside simulation and exposure to different weather and temperature cycles.

Aralab’s Testa_e series includes benchtop and reach-in test chambers for climate and temperature testing, with the Testa_e Mini product designed to be used in smaller workspaces. We also provide walk-in climatic chambers with enhanced construction and durability.

About Aralab

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Aralab develops environmental chambers and controlled environment rooms for partners in various industries. Since our foundation in 1985, we have become partners to companies and researchers from five continents, focusing on the areas of biologics, stability and testing.

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Press Releases

  • Aralab Exhibiting at Lab Asia 2023

    Tradeshow season is in full swing and, next month, Aralab will be Exhibiting at Lab Asia 2023 as a proud first-time participant.

  • Aralab’s FitoLog Software Receives GAMP5 Stability Certification

    Lab equipment supplier Aralab announces that its FitoLog software has received the new certificate of compliance with Eudralex Annex 11 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11. The software was awarded the certification after a recent audit, which followed the latest update with improved User Access Levels.

  • Aralab to Attend CPhI, Frankfurt

    Aralab has announced it will present its complete portfolio for stability testing applications at the CPhI Worldwide exhibition in Germany.

Products & services

  • Stability Testing Chambers

    Aralab's Temperature and Humidity Stability Testing Chambers are able to meet ICH Q1A guidelines for stability testing.

  • Stability Storage Rooms

    Aralab's Stability Testing Rooms have unsurpassed reliability in reproducing and maintaining uniform temperature and humidity conditions for both intermediate and accelerated testing.

  • Photo-Stability Testing Chamber

    Aralab's Photo-Stability Testing Chamber is an environemtal chamber for photostability testing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or equivalent products (ICH Q1B compliant).

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