There’s an old saying, ‘Proper planning prevents poor performance’, and another adage tells us to ‘Begin with the end in mind’. Well, what happens when you don’t know what the end looks like? How can you plan for your career, your workplace or your business in a world of chaos and uncertainty? Well, listen in for some practical tips!

Healthcare is at a tipping point. Put simply, we have an ageing population and not enough money to look after them. Although advances in science can do many things, it requires money, time and meticulous planning to get new medicines from bench to bed (around $1.3bn and 15 years to be precise).

In addition, our world is in chaos. Trade wars, political and economic instability (on a global scale), the acute shortage of good talent, increasing manufacturing costs, climate change, the disruption of already fragile supply chains and falling prices all add to the challenge. So how do you do more with less, faster and cheaper in a world of chaos where goal posts change weekly?

Three things are guaranteed:

  • Chaos is here to stay
  • Maintaining the status quo won’t do; we have to adapt or perish and
  • This webinar will help and give you hope!

Thriving in a world of uncertainty means doing the basics to PhD level. You need to focus on doing just six things exceptionally well. This webinar will help both you and your company do just that. The tools and techniques covered can be applied by you personally, as well as organisationally by your company. It’s win-win.

We are all a product of the decisions we make. In a world of chaos, your first decision is simple. Act or be acted upon. Be a victim or part of the solution. Your second decision is to attend this webinar.

  • Can we solve everything in 60 minutes? No.
  • Will focusing on doing the basics to PhD level help? Yes.
  • Can we help each other navigate the chaos? You bet.

This webinar is just the start. We are stronger together than apart. Register now at or make an enquiry for some invaluable advice and to join a community to help each other.

Presented by global vice-president of NSF Health Sciences Matin Lush

Martin Lush has more than 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. He has held senior management positions in quality assurance (QA), manufacturing, quality control (QC) and supply chain auditing and has conducted audits and education programmes for many hundreds of companies in more than 25 countries. He was previously a partner at David Begg Associates (DBA).

A microbiologist by profession, Lush has considerable experience in the manufacture, QA and testing of aseptic products. He is also qualified to act as a qualified person (QP) within the EU. He holds a master’s degree in medical microbiology, a BSc in medical science and a post-graduate diploma in quality management systems. He is also an honorary lecturer at the School of Pharmacy, University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

Lush has been involved in the design, qualification and operation of more than 15 plants manufacturing sterile products. Passionate about continuous quality improvement in the pharmaceutical industry, he believes that most pharma companies are 20-30 years behind industries like automobiles and microelectronics. He is currently working with many companies to help them close this gap.

Lush is respected for his expertise in helping companies simplify and dramatically improve their quality systems by removing non-value-adding operations and improving compliance at minimal cost. Other areas of expertise include:

  • Crisis management: Helping companies survive severe regulatory action (consent decrees and warning letters)
  • Quality systems: How to simplify and improve operational effectiveness
  • Quality leadership: Helping you to get the best from your people
  • Human error: Causes and prevention
  • Error reduction and process improvement
  • The design and implementation of efficient and simple change management systems
  • Deviation and corrective and preventitive actions (CAPA) systems that drive continuous improvement
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving to a root cause
  • Training and education effectiveness (as a qualified practitioner of accelerated learning teaching methods)
  • Batch record review and product release procedures
  • Performance measure development

NSF’s key learning objectives include:

  • To understand the challenges we all face
  • To describe, in detail, the six things we and our companies must do ‘to PhD level’
  • How to translate this knowledge into a habit; something we do automatically without thinking
  • To decide how we can help each other.


People that may find the webinar useful include:

  • Assistant quality managers
  • Compliance managers
  • Directors of quality
  • Directors of QA
  • Directors of training
  • Heads of QA
  • Heads of quality operations
  • QA specialists
  • Quality managers
  • Senior QA managers
  • Suppliers of QA
  • Suppliers of quality managers
  • Training managers
  • Vice-presidents of quality
  • Vice-presidents of QA

Did you miss this webinar? You can still watch for free here.