Combino Pharm: Zoledronic Acid Ready to Use, A New Business Opportunity

Combino Pharm presents a new business opportunity with the product Zoledronic Acid (Ready to Use RTU):

  1. Product description: Zoledronic Acid Ready to Use
  2. Reference product: Zometa® (Novartis)
  3. Therapeutical indication: treatment of multiple myeloma and bone metastases from solid tumours, in conjunction with standard antineoplasic therapy
  4. Presentation: plastic bags 4mg/100ml
  5. Highlights: ready to use pharmaceutical form, dossier available for submission
  6. Patent status: European Product Patent: May 2013 (PED)
  7. Regulatory details: the product is produced in an EU Manufacturing site, CPP available from PT and ES (expected 3Q 2012)
  8. Regulatory strategy: dossier completed with an on-going DCP in PT and ES

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