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Drug Manufacturing and Development Services

Rijksweg 17 ,
2870 Puurs,

Purna is an independent Belgian company established in 1986, providing contract services for the development and manufacturing of semi-solids and liquid pharmaceutical products that meet GXP standards, as well as specific customer-related requirements.

Over the years, Purna has established a reputation for excellence and a global presence in the pharma industry resulting in the status of preferred partner for most of the top-20 pharma multinationals.

By having ‘customer intimacy’ as a strategic model it believes in building customer loyalty for the long term, as a lifetime value to the company, not the value of any single transaction and looks for synergy through partnership, relationships oriented towards long-term success. Through this business model, Purna intends to provide not only development and manufacturing services but also offer newly developed innovative products to their customers.

Development services for human and veterinary pharmaceuticals

Purna advances drug products from active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to finished form ready for commercial production.

The company handles good manufacturing practice (GMP) projects and ensures compliance with authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All activities are conducted in one location, which removes transfer costs and makes production more cost-effective.

Purna’s analytical development services include API characterisation, dissolution testing, drug delivery optimisation, degradation and microbiological evaluation.

The company has more than 30 years’ experience in formulating creams, gels, suspensions and ointments.

Drug manufacturing services for Phase I-III clinical trials and commercial release

Purna’s high-quality manufacturing facilities deliver liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical products in a wide range of batch sizes.

The company’s flexible service customises order processing, quality management and shipping procedures according to client requirements. It also complies with pharmaceutical serialisation and track and trace (T&T) requirements worldwide.

Liquid solutions, suspensions and emulsions are produced in 150l-10,000l batch sizes. These are packaged into cans, sachets, aerosols, intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and glass / plastic bottles.

Creams, gels, ointments and pastes are manufactured in batches up from 20l to 2,000l batch sizes.

Pipeline products and concepts for pharmaceutical developers

Purna provides innovative active ingredients, products and concepts for drug developers. It incorporates a customer-focused strategic model that combines client knowledge with operational flexibility. This allows the company to quickly customise a product to meet special requests.

Out-licensing programme for new pharmaceutical technologies

Purna’s out-licensing platform supports start-up drug developers and inventors in increasing the value new medical technologies. It helps customers by identifying high-impact drugs that fulfil unmet patient needs.

The company also delivers a comprehensive range of cost-effective, over-the-counter (OTC) products for the NGO market, which address healthcare issues in third-world countries.

Purna Pharmaceuticals

Rijksweg 17

2870 Puurs