Softigel Contract Pharmaceutical Development Services and Commercial Manufacturing in Advanced Softgel Technologies

Softigel is Procaps’ strategic business unit for contract manufacturing and product development services.

Supporting healthcare and related businesses, Softigel develops, manufactures and commercialises pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements, veterinary formulations, and cosmetics in soft gelatine capsules and advanced delivery technologies.

Soft gelatine capsules production

Since pioneering soft gelatine capsule production in Colombia in 1977, Procaps is now Latin America’s largest softgel producer, with facilities in Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela, and exports reaching more than 38 countries worldwide.

The company specialises in softgel technologies and offers access to other delivery systems such as tablets and powders, hard gelatine capsules, nutritional gummies, creams, ointments, and gels.

Procaps participates in diverse segments within the health industry through its strategic business units, which are:

  • Farma, a strategic business unit dedicated to develop and sell prescription drugs
  • Vital Care, which markets and sells over the counter (OTC) and consumer health products for the Latin American market
  • Hospital Division, which is focused on relationships with hospitals, clinics, and government health programmes
  • Softigel, a business unit specialised in contract manufacturing services and third-party alliances

Global developer of pharmaceutical capsules and tablets

We are uniquely qualified to meet the market’s needs for superior quality given Softigel’s vertical integration and cutting-edge research and development (R&D). Ways the company provides flexibility through its network of manufacturing sites in South America include:

  • Being a global product developer
  • Offering different pharmaceutical dosage forms, shapes, and colours in small to large-scale batches
  • Providing regulatory support
  • Delivering value-added marketing services.

Delivery of diverse drug formulations

Softigel has the flexibility to deliver diverse drug formulations to every corner of the world through strategic locations in Colombia and South America, with access to numerous maritime shipping ports, decades of import / export experience, and efficient warehousing and logistics operations.

As a manufacturer of soft gelatine capsules in Latin America, Softigel caters to multinational pharmaceutical clients, including Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi-Aventis, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Bayer. The company’s plants are fully in accordance with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and its facilities are certified by various regulatory authorities in Latin and North America. Softigel was one of the first Latin American manufacturers of pharmaceutical soft gelatine capsules approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Facilities for developing and manufacturing softgels, liquids and tablets

Softigel’s seven cutting-edge facilities house a fully integrated product development services (PDS) unit and covers all product lifecycle phases from early development to commercial in the same plant. The company’s new pilot plant facility for the manufacturing of experimental and pilot batches for softgels, liquids, and tablets uses equipment that can replicate both lab-scale and small-scale GMP batches, up to full-scale commercial GMP.

Softigel’s product development team provides clients with access to formulation development, process development, clinical trial manufacturing, and scale-up services, as well as analytical development and regulatory support for a range of softgel types, new technologies, and other drug delivery forms from Phase I scale through to registration and large-scale commercial production.

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Press Release

Join Softigel® by Procaps at CPhI SEA

Softigel® by Procaps is continuously working on creating the right product for your patients/customers.

Product and Services
Procaps SA

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Products and Services

Softgels – The Ideal Pharmaceutical Form

Softgels are an effective delivery system for oral drugs products, especially those with low-solubility and permeability (BCS classes II, III and IV).

Unigel™ – Patented Technology for Fixed-Dose Combinations

Unigel™ is an oral dosage form where tablets, granules, pellets or capsules are placed inside a large, soft gelatin capsule.

Chewgels – Chewable Softgels

Softigel’s chewable capsules come in different shapes and flavours and are great for pets, children or adults who are unable to take regular hard-capsule forms.

GummyGels – Nutrition is easier when it’s fun!

With a blend of gelatin, sweeteners, flavourings and colourings, gummies have the versatility to be moulded into literally thousands of shapes.

G-Tabs™ – Gelatin Coated Tablets

G-tabs™ is a technology for the coating of tablets with either a one or a two-toned colour gelatin. They can also be printed or not printed.

Versagel™ – Softgels Free From Animal Derivatives

Versagels™ are free from animal derivatives, which means that they are suitable for vegetarian diets and certain religious and cultural diets.

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Birth Control

Production of hormones for replacement therapy and birth control must involve strict control to ensure exact dose and balance.


Softigel is dedicated to the manufacture, research and development of omega-3 extracts from fish oil.

Other Drug Delivery Forms

Softigel’s products use a variety of delivery methods, including tablets, powders, syrups, suspensions, creams, drops and emulsions.

Other Services

Softigel’s seven cutting-edge facilities house a fully integrated product development services (PDS) unit, which covers a wide range of product lifecycle phases from early development to commercialisation in the same plant, using equipment replication from lab scale, through small-scale good manufacturing practice (GMP) batches, until full-scale commercial GMP.

White Papers

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Press Release

20 February 2019

Softigel® by Procaps is continuously working on creating the right product for your patients/customers.

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24 April 2018

Nutrition is a trending topic for consumers today, but taste, convenience and ease-of-use are also influencing purchasing decisions.

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18 April 2018

Softigel has announced it will be showcasing its products at Vitafoods Europe, Switzerland.

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11 April 2018

Softigel by Procaps will be attending CPhi North America´s second edition once again.

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28 September 2015

Softigel by Procaps will be exhibiting at CPhI Worldwide.

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22 September 2014

Softigel by Procaps will be attending CPhI Worldwide in Paris from 7-9 October, where our team of experts will be available to discuss mutual opportunities.

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Regional Offices

Procaps SA

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