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Learn About Transmission Raman Spectroscopy at B&W Tek’s New Website

B&W Tek is proud to announce the launch of contentuniformity.com, a fully comprehensive website on the QTRam® and the benefits of transmission Raman spectroscopy.

On the site, users are able to gain insight into the various ways that quantitative transmission Raman spectroscopy can be used as an asset to content and blend uniformity testing, reference the application note and contact a number of experts ready to help with their application needs.

Quantitative transmission Raman spectroscopy is a variant of Raman spectroscopy where the laser is directed onto the sample from one side and Raman signal is collected from the other side. Quantitative transmission Raman allows the laser photons to move through the entire body of the sample and the Raman signal collected from the other side conveys molecular spectroscopic information on its volumetric content.

Combined with chemometric modelling, this technology is quickly emerging as a valued technique for nondestructive content and blend uniformity testing due to its high chemical specificity, which is particularly useful when dealing with complex pharmaceutical formulations that contain multiple components.

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