SenseAnywhere Offers AssetTagging to Make (Re)Calibration Easy

Calibration of data loggers is mostly performed at (accredited) calibration laboratories and can take some time.

In the meanwhile, people working in the pharmacy/healthcare do not have access to the actual temperatures of their goods, the alarms and reporting functions. They want to be able to provide authorities with a complete temperature history of their goods, without monitoring-gaps. SenseAnywhere has developed AssetTagging to solve this issue. With AssetTagging, the out-for-calibration data logger can be replaced with another logger, while the whole monitoring set-up (alarms, reports, etc.) keeps working as expected. This allows people to have a complete temperature history of their goods, even if the data logger is being replaced with another one from time to time. There is a strong demand for AssetTagging, and this feature is now available in the SenseAnywhere SAClient Portal.

Customer issues

Many industries are required to monitor temperature conditions of goods in order to meet quality standards. Regulations require regular (re)calibration of the temperature measuring equipment used for monitoring. When data loggers are sent to the lab for (re)calibration, the temperature history of the sensitive goods may contain gaps. It is possible to replace the out-for-calibration data logger with another one. However, people working in the healthcare/pharmacy need to reconfigure data logger settings, alarm profiles and reporting settings. Also, they need to keep a record of which data logger was monitoring at what period. More administration, more prone to error and more hassle. Therefore, SenseAnywhere has developed AssetTagging.

AssetTagging: continuous monitoring in an easy and convenient way

AssetTagging is the concept of linking a data logger to an AssetTag. The AssetTag is a card with barcode for the AiroSensor holder and QR code for on the outside of an asset (fridge/freezer) representing the monitored asset in the SenseAnywhere SAClient Portal. It does not matter which data logger is linked to an AssetTag and a data logger can be switched (swapped) at any time, with a recently calibrated one. The whole monitoring set-up keeps working as expected. This allows people to have a complete temperature trail of their goods without any exceptions and without additional paperwork. Plus, a complete Audit Trail. Easy and convenient!

What steps should be taken to use AssetTagging?

The AssetTagging roadmap is quite simple. People who are not yet using SenseAnywhere products should contact a SenseAnywhere reseller. Customers can order AssetTag cards from this reseller. The AssetTag can be registered free of charge in the SAClient Portal. Then, customers can couple the data logger to the AssetTag (both online and physically). By scanning the QR code, people can see the state of the asset. If the data logger can temporarily not be used (e.g. in case of calibration), another data logger can be swapped into the AssetTag, after climatizing. Customers can easily view alarms, charts and reports of the asset in SAClient. It’s that simple! The demand for AssetTagging is high, as it solves an issue that many industries have to deal with.

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