7PSolutions Climate Control, Security and Quality Management

7P's environmental and security monitoring systems enhance food safety and help to create a more efficient supply chain.

7P provides global visual management to the pharmaceutical industry through its proprietary cGMP compliant software, RouteWatch™.

The company’s GPS-GSM technologies manage the integrity of clients’ products, secure investments, and protect their brand.

7P are committed to patient safety by providing compliant refrigerated shipping, in-transit climate-controlled storage and cargo theft prevention.

Climate control and environmental monitoring

7P understands the need to protect the integrity of time and temperature-sensitive products.

With the new GL3OOW tracking device and EMM probe, the company’s climate control and transportation management solutions include tracking, monitoring and recording of cargo.

This includes:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • G-force (shock and vibration)
  • Air pressure
  • Light exposure
  • 3D orientation

Security monitoring

With cargo theft on the rise, selecting a cold chain transportation logistics provider with a proven reputation for security is essential. 7P offers the most sophisticated cargo security options on the market to protect critical cargo during transport and in-transit storage.

The company’s shipment security capabilities are powered by RouteWatch, an innovative and proprietary technological platform, which enables:

  • Real-time shipment video surveillance
  • Linear geo-fences
  • 24/7 GPS tracking and monitoring
  • Security alerts and alarms
  • Redundancies and cargo insurance reductions

Quality management systems for cold chain shipment

Working with clients’ current transportation, logistics, security and quality management teams, 7P will develop a customised and comprehensive cold chain shipment solution with standard operating procedures to fit specific distribution, security, quality and compliance requirements.

The transportation environmental monitoring system (TEMS) is 7P’s client-interfacing software module. This software allows clients to manage their time and temperature sensitive shipments through a secure web portal.

This first-of-its-kind intelligent solution uses GPS and GSM communications to retrieve the required data.

Tracking software for shipment security

Security is managed using RouteWatch and GC075 vehicle communicator, OBDII, and GL300W. These solutions deliver the highest quality shipment security by allowing 7P’s global command centre to watch a client’s products regardless of where they are in the world.

RouteWatch provides intelligent security protocols using GPS real-time positioning and predetermined client criteria. 7P’s hardware and software platforms are developed, tested, and validated according to good automated manufacturing practices (GAMP).

A solid return on investment is ensured by improving shipment visibility and automating event communications, removing most of an employee’s role from the process.

7P offers multiple layers of security with GPS/GSM tracking, as well as product data collection and transmission based on predetermined intervals.

The entire trip history is stored in the company’s data warehouse and includes temperature, humidity, pressure, light exposure, vibration and package orientation. Immediate real-time communication of data and location is available with no software or user programming required.

The GL300W tracker is the hardware used to protect the integrity of the product being monitored during transport.

GL300W can be used individually when only security is of concern or with the EMM probe to alert if the package has been opened prior to delivery. These devices are used for covert operations and cargo embedment with all modes of transportation.

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Press Release

7PSolutions and Transport Security, Inc – ENFORCER® Announce Partnership

7PSolutions and Transport Security Inc - ENFORCER® have announced their partnership to bring cargo security technologies to a broader range of companies.

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Real-Time Monitoring, Data and Compliance

Over the last several years in the pharmaceutical climate controlled supply chain, a variety of technological innovations have made real-time monitoring of shipments possible.

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7PSolutions, LLC

136 N Van Buren



PO Box 1274


United States of America

+1 812 988 4430 www.7psolutions.biz

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