FPS Food and Pharma Systems Awarded OHSAS 18001 Certification

FPS Food and Pharma Systems has received the OHSAS 18001 certification from independent company RINA.

FPS president Giovanni Gianola explains: “the OHSAS 18001 certification, which was originally a British BS, regards safety in every aspect, such as prevention, workers’ health and safety, information, and education.

“It involves our employees, but also our customers and suppliers who are required to work in accordance with the highest safety standards.”

Every year millions of workers worldwide are victims of accidents, which may sometimes be fatal. Both big and small companies from every sector have to enact a grounded health and safety management system for the working environment to reduce risks.

Risk is often considered as a negative factor but, as Mr. Gianola clarifies: “if it is well-handled and with the help of OHSAS 18001, you can obtain safer work conditions, better performances, and new business opportunities.

“This certification, alongside our philosophy, offers a further reassurance to our customers, because it shows the attention that FPS gives to the companies who trusted in us.”

The QHSE supervisor illustrates the reasons that encouraged the company to choose a voluntary certification: “FPS already worked with high safety levels. We wanted a third party institution to certify our situation and to push us towards new challenges and aims. We consider the OHSAS certification as a starting point to continue to improve our operative procedures and to increase our professionalism alongside with our collaborators’, to everybody’s advantage.”

The standard OHSAS 18001 allows us to:

  • Identify risks and initiate controls for their management
  • Create the best working conditions in your company
  • Decrease accidents and illnesses at work, consequently reducing costs and workers’ inactivity
  • Motivate and engage employees thanks to better and safer working condition
  • Demonstrate to customers and suppliers your conformity to international standards

In 2018, FPS will replace the BS OHSAS 18001 with the ISO 45001, which will be soon finished and published, aiming to create an integrated and homogeneous quality and safety management systems.

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