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Encapsulation Services by Pharmagel

Pharmagel’s quality and reliability have been tested and accepted by some of the biggest pharmaceutical multinational companies, which have used Pharmagel’s capsule production services and installed its technology lines.

Thanks to the company’s active technical team, Pharmagel guarantees the correct functioning of equipment and enhance their performance and efficiency.

Pharmagel’s GK and HT Softgel Encapsulating Lines are some of the newest generations of encapsulation line. They are available from small to big scale with speed performance up to 8 rotations per minute (RPM).

Totally renewed in style, with operation based on independent electronic motors in continuum flow, the machine is controlled by an encoder, which independently drives with electronic speed adjustment.

The encapsulating machine maintains the successful technology and reliability of old machines, introducing innovations to meet all good manufacturing practice (GMP) and safety requirements of most modern pharmaceutical companies.

This structure guarantees the maximum protection of the product and a simple and effective cleaning.

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