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Non-Sterile Solid and Liquid Dosage Forms

IBERFAR focuses on improving health through innovative technology for the pharmaceutical industry.


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IBERFAR focuses on improving health through innovative technology for the pharmaceutical industry.

IBERFAR focuses on improving health through innovative technology for the pharmaceutical industry.

Manufacturing of non-sterile solid and liquid dosage forms

IBERFAR has more than 90 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector at a national and international level.

IBERFAR is an outsourcing specialist that offers contract manufacturing and packaging, as well as quality control and EU batch releases. The company operates an EU current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) approved manufacturing site near Lisbon.

The company develops technology for the pharmaceutical industry.
IBERFAR manufactures film and sugar-coated tablets.
Capsules, granules and a range of liquids are available from the company.
IBERFAR has several production processes prepared to meet clients' specific requirements.
Project services are available, including manufacturing, packaging and quality control.
The company offers quality control services and EU batch releases.
IBERFAR’s range of operations covers national and international markets.
The company won the SM Enterprise of the Year over four consecutive years.
The IBERFAR brand is based on people, processes, performance and products.

Pharmaceutical tablets, capsules and granules

IBERFAR manufactures high-quality, non-sterile solid and liquid dosage forms for third parties.

Tablets, film and sugar-coated tablets are available, as well as capsules, granules and various kinds of liquids. Each project is customised to individual requirements.

IBERFAR also offers project work for manufacturing, packaging and quality control as an all-in-one service.

Quality in pharmaceuticals

High-quality standards allow the company to correlate its processes, performance and site with state-of-the-art practices.

IBERFAR’s services are cGMP compliant and meet ISO 9001: 2008 standards. Audits are conducted by local authorities and clients to ensure it is up to date with working standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

The company is certified to OHSAS 18001: 2007 requirements. Sustainability is achieved using IBERFAR’s environmental management system, which meets ISO 14001: 2012 specifications.


IBERFAR has been recognised for four consecutive years as SM Enterprise of the Year, and also won the SME Excellence award for the performance and risk profile (Portuguese SME Excellence 2014). It has been a Lean-Six Sigma company since 2007 and focuses on eliminating waste and controlling process variation.

IBERFAR Group has two companies in different business areas with autonomous operations, which are Ferraz Lynce and Logifarma.
Ferraz Lynce registers, promotes, distributes and sells medicines and health products.

Logifarma is one of the biggest pharmaceutical logistics and warehousing companies in Portugal. The company provides services for biotech and branded medicines, as well as generics and veterinary products.

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Products & services

  • Contract Manufacturing

    IBERFAR manufactures high-quality solid and liquid dosage forms for third parties that have distinctive competencies and flexibility for customers.

  • Contract Packaging

    IBERFAR performs contract packaging of medicines and health products, and can provide bulk packaging and integrated filling and packaging lines for primary and secondary packaging of solid and liquid forms.

  • Quality Control Activities

    IBERFAR develops quality control activities under products that are ready for release in the European market (EU batch releases).

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