The pharmaceutical industry’s demand for continuous processes is increasing because it offers clear advantages such as cost savings, process robustness and no scale-up hurdles.

Continuous dry granulation is now often the process of choice for large-volume or moisture-sensitive products.

L.B. Bohle meets this growing demand by offering the BRC 25 and BRC 100, an innovative variable gap dry granulator. With the introduction of the BRC series, LB Bohle now serves customer needs for all available granulation techniques in the industry.

The BRC enables high-production capacity with minimal loss of material. This is achieved by fast and precise control of the compaction force with a new electromechanical spindle drive for the two rollers.

In combination with sensitive control of the variable gap via the screw feeding system, constant ribbon properties are assured over a wide production range from <1kg up to 400kg / h. Sophisticated equipment design facilitates easy handling and shortens mounting procedures during working shifts.

A hygienic design and properly integrated cleaning nozzles allow an effective wash in place process (WIP). The BRC achieves ribbon granulation with the Bohle Turbo Sieve (BTS). The conical sieve design allows gentle particle size reduction at low sieve speeds, which is also applicable at high material throughputs.

A variety of different sieve types make it flexible for different product and ribbon properties. The BRC compactor meets Quality by Design requirements with its functional GMP design, as well as with its ability to implement different PAT tools.

The advantages of the roller compactor BRC at a glance:

  • Minimal material loss due to precise control of the compression force with an innovative electromechanical roller drive
  • Constant ribbon properties assured with sensitive gap width control
  • Easy handling and short mounting procedures
  • Hygienic design and effective cleaning by integrated WIP nozzles
  • Versatile and gentle particle size adjustment with integrated Bohle Turbo Sieve (BTS)
  • PAT tool integration possible
  • Containment execution as an option