Humira biosimilars set the stage for long-awaited 2023 US launches

After much buzz, the entry of Humira biosimilars is awaited as a cost-cutting opportunity, but market penetration will not be instant.

US midterm election results have multiple implications for the pharma industry

The US midterm election results will have important implications for the pharma and healthcare industries over the next two years.

PTC Therapeutics’ Waylivra receives Brazilian regulatory approval

Waylivra has been approved as the first treatment for familial partial lipodystrophy in Brazil.

India’s CDSCO approves Bharat Biotech’s intra-nasal vaccine for Covid-19

The BBV154 vaccine is approved for the first two-dose schedule and homologous booster doses.

How an innovative new bioreactor is using ultra-fine filters to increase T-cell production

Cell therapies and regenerative medicine have enormous potential to change the way we treat patients and deliver health care, but the production of cells on a reproducible commercial scale poses a challenge.