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Berenice Baker

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 34

In this issue: Unlocking unknown benefits of existing drugs, a new approach to stopping cancer spread, competition and opportunities in the HIV drugs market, building up business in Japan, striking the right balance with child-resistant drug packaging and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 33

In this issue: Building on the success of dropping child cancer death rates in the UK, upcoming changes for 2015, the effects of mergers on innovation, rethinking the role of the placebo, neuropathic pain treatments in the pipeline, and more

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 32

In this issue: New combinations of existing cancer treatments show promising results, complying with new EU-FMD safety features, increasing time to market with new technologies, lymphoma treatments in the pipeline, tackling AMR with nanotechnology and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 31

The clinical trials special issue: the economics of large-scale trials, new treatments for Type 2 Diabetes and obesity, the benefits of adaptive licensing for orphan drugs, data and trial management software and more

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 30

In this issue: A new approach to Alzheimer’s clinical trials, India’s ambitions to jump from generics manufacturer to drug innovator, integrating real-life data into drug development, a new era for PAH treatment in the UK, self-expiring pharma packaging and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 29

In this issue: The future of Ireland’s pharma sector, the controversy surrounding drug pricing, changes in life science investment, new guidelines for statins in the US, the therapeutic potential of honey and more

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 28

In this issue: A functional cure for HIV, the new clinical data sharing principles, what the industry has learned from the influenza A pandemic five years ago, pain-free injections with microneedles and more

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 27

In this issue: Boosting clinical trial participation, the potential of bioprinting in regenerative medicine, progress in type 1 diabetes vaccines, controlling malaria and dengue fever outbreaks with open-source modelling, and more.