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Innovative Drug Development Solutions for Life Science and the Pharmaceutical Industry

PerkinElmer offers instruments, tests, software, and services to help companies develop innovative drug products.

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PerkinElmer is a global, $3.8bn company committed to innovating for a healthier world. We create instruments, tests, software, and services that are used by scientists, researchers and clinicians to develop innovative drug products.

We strategically partner with companies to enable earlier, more accurate insights, supported by deep market knowledge and technical expertise. Our dedicated team of more than 16,000 employees is passionate about helping them create healthier families, improve quality of life, and sustain the wellbeing of people worldwide.

Through our comprehensive portfolio, we serve four market segments: diagnostics, life sciences, food, and applied markets.

Towards Drug Discovery – Imaging and data visualisation solutions for life science

PerkinElmer supports companies in their efforts to drive a better understanding of the mechanisms behind illnesses such as Covid-19, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease by providing powerful imaging and detection solutions.

PerkinElmer aims to help clients create healthier families, improve quality of life, and sustain personal wellbeing. Image licensed to PerkinElmer from Getty.
We partner with scientists, researchers, and clinicians to address the most critical challenges in the science and healthcare sectors. Image licensed to PerkinElmer from Getty.
Our technologies have so far contributed to the development of 22 novel therapeutic drugs. Image licensed to PerkinElmer from Getty.
PerkinElmer works to expedite the detection of a range of rare diseases, autoimmune disorders, allergies, and infectious diseases. Image licensed to PerkinElmer from Getty.
Our solutions are designed to help scientists make more informed decisions earlier, as well as automate research and data integration from genes to cells. Image licensed to PerkinElmer from Getty.
We offer services to streamline drug development by turning data into actionable insights.
PerkinElmer develops solutions to support the safety and quality of the global food chain through testing and analysis. Image licensed to PerkinElmer from Getty.
We provide clients with everything they need to remain compliant with the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Image licensed to PerkinElmer from Getty.

Our products can expedite new and improved drug discovery by helping scientists make more informed decisions earlier in the process, as well as by automating research and data integration from genes to cells.

We also aim to help streamline drug development by turning data into actionable insights, increasing productivity on the way to commercialisation, and ensuring all compliance and validation needs are met.

Technologies for the development of novel therapeutics

PerkinElmer technologies have contributed to the development of 22 novel therapeutics to date.

The discovery and development of small-molecule drugs is a long, complex, often iterative, and expensive journey. Each step of the process, from early discovery to manufacturing and delivery, must be fully explored, characterised and understood. Speed to market, declines in productivity, and low success rates present major industry challenges to drug discovery.

PerkinElmer’s best-in-class scientific product portfolio and solutions offering, combined with our world-class expertise in the development of innovative technologies, enables researchers to expedite drug discovery, validate their scientific hypotheses, and overcome the challenges of the pharmaceutical development workflow.

Quality assurance and control processes for pharma

When it comes to QA/QC, PerkinElmer aims to provide clients with everything they need to remain compliant with regulatory requirements, from our analytical instrumentation to our unique OneSource service and support.

When these tools are used together, they work as a system to create safe, high-quality products consumers can trust, along with quality assurance for pharma manufacturers.

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) not only drives the QA/QC inside your company, but also guides PerkinElmer’s development of the technologies, tools, and control processes to assure you are meeting your regulatory obligations and manufacturing compliant products.

From raw material analysis in the receival warehouse, excipient distribution studies in blending, and contamination analysis including elemental impurities, solvent residues, extractables and leachables to final QA and QC procedures, PerkinElmer offers life science solutions that provide fast, accurate and robust data for the highly regulated pharma environment, allowing you to deliver safe and effective novel therapeutics for a healthier world.

Comprehensive disease testing and diagnostic solutions

PerkinElmer aims to expedite the detection of rare diseases, autoimmune disorders, allergies, and infectious diseases such as Covid-19, Lyme disease, and tuberculosis.

We offer solutions for testing expectant mothers for pregnancy-related health risks and foetal abnormalities, as well as screening newborn babies for genetic mutations that are associated with life-threatening disorders.

Solutions for substance analysis in applied markets

PerkinElmer also provides analytical testing solutions for the environment. From detection of dangerous pollutants and contaminants in drinking water and airborne particles to  quantifying concentrations of heavy metals and other toxic elements in our soil and water.

Importantly, we also offer technologies for the detection, impact, and regulation of contaminants of emerging concern such as microplastics, perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and polypropylene copolymers (PPCPs).

Our innovative integrated products and services provide a full range of market solutions, including chemical and material testing in the Industrial market with our comprehensive portfolio of industrial analytical solutions such as solar energy and electric vehicles, semiconductors, biofuels, petrochemicals, and polymers, as well as aid with recycling analysis for plastics and electronic waste.

Food safety and quality assurance solutions

PerkinElmer provides solutions from detecting harmful levels of toxins, heavy metals and pesticides, to ensuring accurate labelling and compliance with regulations around the globe, they rely on our solutions. We also provide reliable analysis solutions for evaluating the quality of raw materials prior to food processing as well as measuring for targeted nutritional content, maintaining standards for flavour and aroma, sustaining consistency, and to understand how packaging effects food.

Our capabilities include identifying mycotoxins in grains and feeds to help meet regulations and protect consumers, as well as analysing cannabis and hemp for pesticide levels, harmful residues, impurities, and potency levels to provide truth in labelling.

White Papers


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    PerkinElmer provides instruments, tests, software, and services to help develop novel therapeutics and test for diseases. This video gives an overview of our capabilities.

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    PerkinElmer's Spectrum Two FT-IR spectrometer is designed for both laboratory and remote testing environments. This video gives an overview of its capabilities.

Press Releases

Products & services

  • Take Control of Your Impurities Testing

    Regulatory bodies, such as the EMA and FDA, provide increasingly stringent guidelines around impurity limits, control of those impurities becomes exponentially critical in a Pharma QA/QC laboratory. Implementing testing to control impurities is crucial on your path to compliance.

  • Drug Substance & Excipients

    Production comes to a halt when impurities are identified above the threshold level and the drug substance must be re-evaluated, increasing cost of production and time to market.

  • Regulatory & Compliance – Meet GMP Compliance

    The increasingly complex regulatory environments have forced laboratories to adopt a new mindset to compliance and auditing… moving away from traditional instrument validation approaches and consolidating both the instrument data as well as the instrument support across the full spectrum of their lab assets.

  • OneSource - Enterprise Asset Management

    OneSource Laboratory Services has built a complete suite of solutions that provide the knowledge, applications, services and manpower today’s labs need, including instrument repair, workflow and equipment validation, uptime optimization, lab analytics and workflow improvements.

  • Drug Discovery

    Drug discovery starts with an understanding of the basics of diseases and disease pathways. Throughout the process of unraveling the complexity of disease pathways, identifying and characterizing targets, high throughput screening, and lead optimization PerkinElmer has the assays you can count on.

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