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New Interactive Webinar by NSF

NSF Health Sciences vice-president Martin Lush wants your input to this limited-place 30-minute webinar.

He is seeking questions such as ‘What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’. This is a disruptive question that shifts our thinking to somewhere new and to a new way of working.

Healthcare is at a tipping point and so is the pharmaceutical industry. He believes that marginal improvements are not good enough and we need giant leaps, including thinking and working differently.

Some ‘disruptive questions’ that will be answered at the webinar include:

  • Why don’t patients and regulators trust our industry?
  • Why is the biggest risk to patient safety our quality systems?
  • Why is risk aversion dangerous?
  • Why should you not treat your suppliers as suppliers?
  • Why do 99% of standard operating procedures (SOP) encourage shortcuts and noncompliance?
  • Why do most deviation and corrective and preventive action (CAPA) systems create more problems than they solve?
  • Why is the biggest risk to your business your change management system?
  • Why is most of your workforce disengaged and demotivated?

This webinar is unique in that all participants are asked to submit their disruptive questions anonymously beforehand. Answers will be given for every question posed.

If you’re interested in maintaining the status quo and have no disruptive questions, that’s fine but this might not be the webinar for you. If you want to become a disruptive thinker and take giant leaps, make an enquiry now.

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