Hemarina and Delpharm have announced the signature of a partnership involving the manufacture of HEMO2life®, an additive for organ transplantation solutions.

Other products developed by Hemarina’s technology platform will also be included in the partnership.

Under the deal, manufacturing is to be conducted at Delpharm’s industrial plant in Tours, France.

The partnership provides for sizeable joint investments to adapt the plant’s production capacities. It also includes a custom-manufacturing contract between Delpharm and Hemarina.

Hemarina’s Founder and CEO Franck Zal said: “Delpharm is not only internationally renowned: the quality of its proposal, its motivation to work on our project, and our shared values were decisive factors in mounting this partnership. Its commitment to stand by us provides a guarantee of quality that will help fulfil our goal to save lives”.

Delpharm is an active player in the pharmaceuticals manufacturing sector. Its expansion strategy is based on both acquisitions and organic growth. On that note, Delpharm’s CEO Sébastien Aguettant said: “We are very proud to be working alongside Hemarina in what is a genuine revolution in the organ transplant sphere. The manufacturing of its HEMO2life® medical solution in Tours is entirely consistent with our strategy to produce innovative, custom-made products for patient care”.

The partnership aims to set up a dedicated production line for the extraction and purification of haemoglobin from marine worms.

About Hemarina

Hemarina is a company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Morlaix, Finistère, France. The company specialises in the development of universal therapeutic oxygen carriers derived from marine invertebrates. Hemarina has a technical & commercial affiliate in Boston (Hemarina, Inc.) and a production subsidiary for its raw materials located on the island of Noirmoutier, as well as offices in Paris.

Hemarina is developing several products for medical and industrial applications, including:

  • HEMO2life®, an additive to organ preservation solutions
  • HEMOXYCarrier®, a therapeutic oxygen carrier
  • An oxygenating dressing: HEMHealing®
  • An input for industrial bioproduction: HEMOXCell®/HEMBoost®