Delpharm offers its knowledge and experience to manufacture licensed products, generics, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, dietary supplements, veterinary products, medical devices, highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (HAPI) and injectables.

Some of Delpharm’s offerings include:

Impregnated dressings

Delpharm is able to manufacture impregnated dressings thanks to a new piece of equipment developed exclusively for the company, with the possibility of radio sterilisation.

Delpharm produces both individual packets and envelopes with International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) 13485 and Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé (ANSM) accreditation.

Regarding individual packets, Delpharm’s current sizes are 5x10cm, 10x10cm, 10x40cm and 20x20cm. However, the company has some flexibility on sizes, depending on your specific project.

Envelopes can currently hold from five to ten dressings and are closed by a stamp with a notch for re-closing between uses.

Softgel capsules

Delpharm is able to manufacture softgel capsules with good manufacturing practice (GMP) and Hazard and Critical Control Point (HACCP) accreditations.

Delpharm has the capacity to produce 300 million softgel capsules with BIO, Halal and Kasher specialities. Moreover, formulation from powders is available and shapes such as round, oval, oblong and tube can be achieved.

Regarding gelatine, the company can offer fish, beef and pork variants. Delpharm is currently finalising a plant-based gelatine.

Multiple-unit pellet system

Delpharm is able to develop and perform industrial transfers for multiple-unit pellet systems (MUPS). This form is an alternative of conventional immediate-release or modified tablets.

MUPS are a solid multi-particle dosage form obtained by compressing a mixture of excipients in powder and granules containing drug substances.

They have advantages such as:

  • Taste masking
  • Controlled absorption
  • Better reproducibility of pharmacokinetic behaviour
  • Less risk of local irritation, toxicity and massive release of drug substances
  • Minimal fluctuation in plasma concentrations and the possibility of administering very potent products
  • Intra-inter subject is lower than conventional formulation

Delpharm produces MUPS from neutral beads, which will be pulverised by active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and coated. The company then retrieves all micro granules to put them in capsules form.