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Oral Drug Delivery Systems

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Alpex Pharma is a Swiss drug-delivery company that develops improved pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceutical products using proprietary technologies and extensive know-how.

Alpex’s main oral delivery technologies are fast-dissolving tablets with taste masking characteristics (ODT), buccal release and absorption technology, effervescent technology, sustained-release technology and nutraceutical technology.

Orally disintegrating tablets

Alpex specialises in finding solutions to complex drug delivery systems. Its technology finds solutions to lifecycle management, extending the life of pharmaceutical products.

Alpex Pharma is a Swiss drug-delivery company that develops improved pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceutical products.
Effervescent tablets self-dissolving in water.
Sustained release monolithic tablets.
Sustained release monolithic film coated tablet.

Alpex’s ODT is a patented technology that allows the administration of drug quantities per dose from a few micrograms to about 300mg and over per dose.

The technology permits an immediate release of a drug with significant advantages for a rapid mitigation of pathologies. The taste-masking technology allows improvement of taste for patients.

Alpex’s ODT tablets disintegrate in seconds, creating a fresh viscous liquid that can be easily ingested, even by people with a limited swallowing capacity such as young people or the elderly or compromised ingestion such as those with Parkinson’s disease and sclerosis.

The technology is not limited by water solubility, particle size, lipofilicity or molecular weight. Bioequivalence or super-bioequivalence versus commercial products in the form of granular tablets or capsules is supported by several developed projects.

Oral transmucosal or oral delivery drugs

Alpex’s buccal proprietary technology can be applied to drugs that can cross the buccal mucosa to reach rapid adsorption in the bloodstream, skipping the stomach.

This technology is particularly useful for administration of potent pain killers, which are required to be rapidly adsorbed for pain relief, or for drugs such as peptides that could be damaged in the gastric medium.

Effervescent technology – dissolving solid dosage form

Alpex’s effervescent technology allows the administration of drugs in a self-dissolving solid dosage form (tablets and granular) when in contact with water.

The solution utilises sodium bicarbonate, which causes a fizzy effect and increases patient compliance, as well as protects the gastric mucosa due to the buffer capacity. In addition, a drug’s bioavailability could be improved due to an increase of the stomach’s pH medium.

This technology is particularly useful for the administration of drugs that require water to be administered, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), mucolitics and painkillers.

Alpex’s taste-masking capability is able to improve the taste of products without compromising bioequivalence in comparison to conventional tablets and other dosage forms. Alpex is also active in contract manufacturing for products that require a high level of quality and an excellent record of good manufacturing praxtice (GMP).

Customised sustained release oral technology

An oral customised release technology system is able to cover a variety of drugs. A specified pharmacokinetic profile can be achieved in order to enhance the therapeutic quality of the product.

Alpex exploits monolithic tablets’ controlled release technology, tailoring drug release during a defined time.

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