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Contract Pharmaceutical Development Services and Commercial Manufacturing in Advanced Softgel Technologies

Sofgen Pharmaceuticals is a leading provider of contract development and manufacturing services in softgel advanced technologies for the global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry.

21500 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 600,
Aventura, FL 33180,
United States of America

Sofgen Pharmaceuticals is an integrated Softgel CDMO that offers end-to-end solutions in Softgel technologies from development throughout delivery for generics, prescription drugs, OTC products and specialized nutraceuticals for companies interested in developing and launching novel products in North America, Canada and Europe.

Our Softgel facility and Center for Pharmaceutical Excellence located in West Palm Beach, US, specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-end softgel technologies, with expertise in complex oral modalities such as hormonal products and high potency compounds, and other differentiated manufacturing technologies.

We offer a diverse service portfolio that goes from Research for Advanced Delivery Technologies, End-to-end solutions for Orphan / Fast track developments, pre-clinical and clinical developments for new Molecular Entities, lab analytical services, all the way to bottling & product inspection services.

Through our innovative technologies for oral delivery systems, plus our vast knowledge in Softgel development and manufacturing, we offer the flexibility, value and customization our partners need, driven by our passion to develop customized products that exceed customers’ expectations, with a relationship based on connectivity, trust and empathy.

Sofgen provides softgels, patented technologies, and single and multiple drug dosage systems.
Through our in-house facilities, we offer cost-effective manufacture of pharma moulds, machines and spare parts.
Sofgen provides patented technology for tablets coated with one or two gelatin colours, printed and un-printed.
In addition to softgel technologies, we also offer other delivery systems such as powers, tablets and powders, hard gelatine capsules, nutritional gummies, ointments, gels and creams.
Our production facilities are home to the development and manufacture of a comprehensive range of softgels, tablets, powders, creams and other drug delivery systems.
Sofgen Pharmaceuticals is one of Latin America’s largest softgel producers.
Our company specialises in softgel technologies and offers access to other delivery systems.
Sofgen has the flexibility to deliver diverse drug formulations to every corner of the world.

Our purpose is to provide an unparalleled experience with reliable development manufacturing services and niche proprietary products, innovation in technologies, contributing to the health and well-being of  patients and consumers and in key markets.

Research into advanced delivery technologies

At Sofgen Pharmaceuticals, we offer innovative technologies and advanced softgel technologies for RX, OTC, and specialized nutraceuticals:

  • Unigel™: A novel technology for fixed-dose combinations
  • Versagel™: Soft chewable capsules that are free from animal derivatives
  • G-Tabs™: Gelatin-coated tablets
  • Chewgels™: Chewable soft capsules
  • Twistgels: A soft gelatin capsule with a twist-off cap
  • Stripegels: Striped softgel capsules
  • Vaogels: Softgel vaginal ovule or inserts

Complete formulation research and development services

At Sofgen Pharmaceuticals, we work with innovation, quality, and flexibility to develop and unleash the power of your most challenging projects. With an in-depth knowledge on development services, our experts are driven by science and technology to support all your projects along the way.

Our R&D services include:

  • Development of novel patentable formulations
  • Solubility screening
  • Fill formulation development
  • Gel formulation development
  • Gel-Fill compatibility study
  • Small-scale encapsulation early development and fin formulation selection

About Sofgen Pharmaceuticals

Sofgen Pharmaceuticals is a developer of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solutions, medicines, and hospital supplies that reach more than 50 countries in all five continents.

Sofgen has a direct presence in 13 countries in the Americas and more than 5,300 collaborators working under a sustainable model. The company develops, manufactures, and markets over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products and prescription pharmaceutical drugs (Rx), nutritional supplements and high-potency clinical solutions.

Sofgen Pharmaceuticals today is the largest pharmaceutical CDMO in Latin America and in the top three worldwide in terms of volume of softgel production capacity. We hold several quality certifications from various regulatory bodies, including:

  • EU GMP from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia
  • Health Canada
  • GMP
  • International Stanidardisation Organisation (ISO) 9001
  • BASC
  • The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) of Argentina
  • Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA)
  • FDA Philippines
  • Ministry of Health (MOH) in Iran
  • Colombian Agriculture Institute (ICA)
  • HALAL-certified gelatin
  • Cofepris in Mexico
  • Organic Certified gummies facility
  • NSF
  • Florida Food Hemp Establishment Permit

White Papers

  • Sofgen Research & Development Brochure

    Sofgen by Procaps offers customers full-service, turnkey solutions in prescription drugs, OTC products, and dietary supplements thanks to our softgel development and manufacturing expertise.

  • What's Behind Vegetarian Soft Capsules

    The present is an overview of the state-of-the-art for vegetarian soft capsules in terms of materials (sourcing and demand), applications, processing, products and a general insight of the current state of materials and technology of these gelatin alternatives.


Press Releases

Products & services

  • Vaogels

    The softgel vaginal ovule or insert, Vaogels, was designed with mucoadhesive properties to facilitate retention of the product in the vagina and availability of the active ingredient in a site-specific manner.

  • Twistgels

    A soft gelatin capsule with twist-off cap that allows access to a measured dose for topical and/or oral applications.

  • Softgel Capsules

    The Softgel capsule has been on the market since the 19th century, evolving to the present day. Because of this, consumers feel familiar with the technology, trusting in its efficiency, robust quality control and convenience.

  • Unigel™

    First-to-market technology ideal for organisations who want their consumers to have simplicity and effectiveness backed by technology and expertise when taking their meds and supplements.

  • Chewgels™

    Discover our Chewable Softgel Platform Chewgels™, chewable soft capsules as a solution and line extension to existing or new products. With new ingredients, special shapes and flavours, we can offer our customers a range of formulations for different therapeutic lines.

  • G-Tabs™

    Technology that coats compressed tablets with a two-toned colour gelatin that protects the pill.

  • Versagel™

    Versagel™, a versatile option for the encapsulation of high viscous, semisolid or high pH fill contents

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