Aptar Pharma Adds Nasal Pump Manufacturing Capacity in North America - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Aptar Pharma Adds Nasal Pump Manufacturing Capacity in North America

Manufacturing capacity for child-resistant and senior-friendly nasal pumps

Aptar Pharma added manufacturing capacity in North America for its Child-Resistant (CR) and Senior-Friendly (SF) Classic Nasal Pumps.

Aptar Pharma, a manufacturer of drug delivery systems for nasal applications, installed a new assembly machine in its Congers site, NY.

Effective April 2017, the new machine was transferred from Aptar Pharma’s plant in Southern Germany to the Congers site. This represents an important step in Aptar Pharma’s history, bringing its manufacturing capacity closer to the target market for which this pump has been successfully established.

Aptar Pharma’s CR technology platform was developed primarily for the US market when, in 2012, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a rule requiring CR packaging for any over-the-counter or drug product containing the equivalent of 0.08mg or more of imidazoline (16 CFR Part 1700.14), a formulation widely used in nasal decongestant topical sprays.

Less than two years after the announcement, Aptar Pharma introduced its newly-engineered CR / SF nasal spray pump to the US market, which successfully matched the CPSC’s requirements. This feat once more underscored Aptar Pharma’s worldwide reputation as an innovative leader and trusted partner in the pharmaceutical industry.

Aptar Pharma’s Child-Resistant Feature for nasal sprays effectively combines CR and SF with its intuitive and widely-accepted squeeze-and-turn technology. Positive market feedback and increasing demand for the Child-Resistant Feature over the last two years demonstrates that Aptar Pharma’s CR / SF technology is one of the best-in-class solutions available on the US market. A large number of current major brands of nasal decongestant topical sprays in the US come with Aptar Pharma’s Child-Resistant Feature.

Aptar Pharma’s North America President Alex Theodorakis said: "We are pleased to welcome the arrival of Aptar Pharma’s CR assembly machine to our recently-expanded Congers, NY, manufacturing site. This added manufacturing capacity enables us to offer the production of this key CR / SF Feature to our customers domestically.

"Being closer to our customers continues to be of strategic importance to Aptar Pharma, and this new initiative enables us to continue to support our important North American marketplace and increase our demand reactivity."


Image: Aptar Pharma Congers site, NY – Courtesy of Aptar Pharma

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