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High-Performance Measurement and Analysis Equipment

Measurement and Analytics Business Unit,
3400, Rue Pierre-Ardouin,
G1P 0B2 Quebec,

Measurement and Analytics Business Unit,
3400, Rue Pierre-Ardouin,
G1P 0B2 Quebec,

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ABB Analytical’s quality by design approach to process analytical technology (PAT) provides the pharmaceutical industry with a comprehensive range of equipment for measuring and analysing chemical composition of compounds

Spectrometers with process analytical technology (PAT)

Our company designs, manufactures, and markets high-performance FT-IR and FT-NIR spectrometers that guarantee PAT results. Their strength is in advanced optical design, guaranteed method transferability and sampling flexibility.

This powerful technology provides quick results with virtually no sample preparation. Through ABB’s products, analytical experts and process engineering services consultants, we can assist you in the process assessment of where the product variability comes from, and identify how we can reduce product quality issues and production cycle time.

PAT measurement techniques

ABB has been implementing pharmaceutical PAT solutions for multiple pharma firms globally. ABB provides a complete range of innovative solutions and expertise to implement PAT in your R&D and manufacturing processes, including:

  • Implementation strategy
  • Risk assessment
  • World-class FT-IR and FT-NIR laboratory and process analysers
  • Data management and automation
  • Multivariate data analysis
  • Integration of PAT analysers with control systems
  • Regulatory compliance

ABB solutions combine analysers, advanced process control, process and application knowledge to improve process performance, productivity, capacity and safety.

Comprehensive FT-IR / FT-NIR spectrometers

With a complete portfolio of FT-IR and FT-NIR laboratory and process analysers for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, ABB provides complete PAT solutions.

Our proven range of high-performance instruments have been designed for quality assurance / quality control (QA / QC), research and development and at-line PAT applications. ABB Analytical allows customers to maximise productivity through items that include:

  • MB-Rx: in-situ reaction monitoring, a plug-and-play solution providing real-time insight into chemical reaction dynamics
  • MB3000-PH: FT-IR spectrometer for the pharmaceutical industry designed for QA / QC, formulation, research and development laboratories
  • MB3600-PH: FT-NIR spectrometer for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries designed for QA / QC, research and development and at-line process monitoring
  • FTPA2000-260PH: multi-point FT-NIR analyser designed for remote, real-time monitoring of continuous and batch processes in pharmaceutical and life sciences industries

The markets we served include:

  • Laboratory and academic
  • Life sciences
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Fine, specialty and commodity chemicals
  • Refining and petrochemicals metallurgical
  • Semiconductor
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEM)
  • Remote sensing and aerospace

ABB production facility

Based in Quebec City, Canada, our production facility has a workforce of more than 200 people, comprising manufacturing, sales, marketing, administration, and research and development (R&D). Worldwide, the ABB Group employs more than 150,000 people in some 100 countries.

FTPA2000-260PH: Multi-Point FT-NIR Analyser

This versatile analyser is fully validatable and allows development of methods for monitoring product critical quality attributes (CQAs). It is also the ideal solution for implementation of process analytical technology (PAT) in manufacturing environments, as part of quality by design (QbD) initiatives.

MB3000-PH: FT-IR Spectrometer

The MB3000-PH is designed for QA/QC, formulation and research and development laboratories. It is extremely versatile and can use a wide variety of easily swappable ABB or third-party accessories that are pinned in place and do not require alignment (MIRacle ATR, horizontal ATR, DRIFT, gas cells, microscope).

MB3600-PH: FT-NIR Spectrometer

Since 1997, ABB has supplied the life science and pharmaceutical industries with high-performance analytical instruments that have an established reputation for performance and reliability.

MB-Rx: Real-Time Reaction Monitoring

Intended for laboratories and pilot plants, the MB-Rx reaction monitor provides chemists with direct access to real-time experiment data via a rugged insertion probe and an intuitive software interface. The MB-Rx is designed around the key concepts of analytical performance, reliability and simplicity.

GE Healthcare Bio Park, Cork

Global healthcare service provider GE Healthcare has announced plans to invest $170m in the development of a new biopharmaceutical campus Cork Country, Ireland.

ABB Analytical

Measurement and Analytics Business Unit

3400, Rue Pierre-Ardouin


G1P 0B2