Tablet and Capsule Counting Machines for the Pharmaceutical Industry
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Tablet and Capsule Counting Machines

CREMER Speciaalmachines BV designs and manufactures industry-leading tablet and capsule counting and filling systems for the pharmaceutical, food, non-food, and agricultural industries worldwide.

Heereweg 5A,
2161 AB Lisse,

CREMER Speciaalmachines BV designs and manufactures industry-leading tablet and capsule counting and filling systems for the pharmaceutical, food, non-food, and agricultural industries worldwide.

In 2017, CREMER was acquired by the Uhlmann Group, who has relied for many years on the proficiency of CREMER for their well-established IBC-120, as well as the new IBC-150.

Over the past seven decades, CREMER has established a reputation of reliability and innovation in its machines and services, with more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector allowing CREMER to pace with the needs of an increasingly demanding market.

Reliable, resourceful, and innovative are the primary values that have made CREMER a market leader in solid dose bottle filling systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

The main focus in the pharmaceutical industry is not only counting but also full line integration of complete lines is now a main focus of the business.

CREMER seeks to develop top solutions, which will inspire the market and enable us to provide our customers with the best possible counting and packaging solutions for their product.

Tablet and capsule counting

When it comes to counting solid dose products reliably and efficiently, you can trust on the CREMER counting machines, consisting of the CF-622 modules.

The company is the leading specialist in the counting and separating of sensitive products from the pharmaceutical, food, consumer goods, and agricultural industries.

Counting modules from the Dutch engineering specialists in the tablet and capsule counting systems are also used in the new IBC 150. They ensure that every filled bottle contains the correct number of tablets: never one too many, nor one too few.

Advanced engineering with a committed focus on performance and durability resulted in a series of bottle filling systems that range from compact tablet and capsules counters to modular-based high-end counting and in-motion bottle filling systems with unprecedented output and efficiency.

Our in-motion bottle filling machines are capable of filling up to 400 bottles per minute, with scalable performance and guaranteed 100% counting accuracy.

Tablet and capsule separation systems

Due to many years of experience with piece-by-piece separation of all sorts of bulk product, CREMER has developed a small but very practical and versatile vibratory system for unscrambling, separating, singulating, aligning and orienting all sorts of pharmaceutical products; pills, tablets, capsules, gel caps, gummies, and more.

Custom solutions

To accommodate all kinds of needs and requirements regarding the filling of bottles with solid dose products, CREMER excels in providing fully customised solutions.

With the IBC-150, CREMER provides the first step to a versatile line machine. It can have a desiccant inserter, a counting machine, a cottoner and capping system in one system, or each one of these machines can be provided separately. Our strength lies in providing the perfect fit for the complete pharmaceutical line.

For CREMER operating in critical environmental conditions, VHP resistance and full-machine containments are not unusual requests.

Our strength lies in the ability to provide both standardised, as well as fully customisable counting and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and industrial industries.

Any system can thus be accommodated with customer-specific options or modifications in order to offer the perfect solution for your product.


Founded in 1949, this Dutch company has a vast network of distributors and agents worldwide, with sales and service offices based in Lisse, The Netherlands.

CREMER also has more than 150 qualified, and specialised employees that are dedicated to providing high-quality service in the counting and packaging industry.

In January 2017, CREMER was acquired by the Uhlmann Group, a German family-owned company and industry leader in the global pharmaceutical market.

CFS-622 Series

The CREMER CFS-622 is the world first small counter with the highest speed! This has brought a new market technology to the world.

CF-1220 Series

Still the undisputable number one mid-range system for tablets, caplets and capsules, ever since its introduction almost two decades ago.

CFI-622 Series

In-motion bottle filling for consistent output and maximum efficiency.

Counting and Packaging Solutions

Cremer is a Dutch company that specialises in product counting and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, food and non-food industries and agricultural industry.

Cremer Counting and Packaging Systems at ACHEMA

Cremer will attend ACHEMA and can be found in Hall 3.1 at stand G49, where the company will demonstrate the world's fastest and most efficient counting and bottle filling systems.

Cremer CFS-622×3 / CFS-622×4 Modular Counting System

Cremer has pioneered, developed and introduced multi-channel electronic counters for the pharmaceutical industry 30 years ago. Today, the counting principles are essentially the same but the machines have been continuously developed to meet technological advances.

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